As human beings, we love to complain. Be honest with yourself – how many times have you heard or seen something and thought “Wow, I could do that so much better.” It’s not an uncommon thought to have especially in regards to decisions made that we feel are out of our control. But what if there was a way you could have a voice?

College campuses are a great place to start exercising your voice as an active member of the RIT community and student body. With the upcoming Student Government elections, we thought we would bring you our top three reasons as to why you should consider getting involved with RIT’s Student Government .

Collaboration and people skills

Working in groups isn’t easy. It’s also, sadly, inevitable. Wouldn’t it be great though if you could learn to collaborate when your grade isn’t on the line? As student government operates as a governing body (meaning many people) you will be in a situations where you have no option but to work with the people around you – otherwise, you won’t be able to make any concrete decisions or actions!
These people skills, also known as “soft skills” are crucial qualities that employers look for when hiring. And unless you are planning on being a solo entrepreneur for the majority of your professional career – you are going to need to work in teams which require people skills! Learn them while you can!

You can learn more about how your school operates

Universities can sometimes seem like this big scary monster machine that operates on its own accord. Decisions are made and you don’t even know why or who made them. Schools like RIT are intricately designed webs of influence and decision making. At Behind the Bricks, we often get as inside look into what makes RIT run, and you can bet that it’s so incredibly interesting. By understanding how things work, you’re also more likely to gain a greater appreciation for the school and  understand why certain decisions are made. Don’t be afraid to take a peek in!

You can make a difference

Yes, complaining about what’s wrong is the easier option most of the time. However, by getting involved in student government, you have the ability to actually be a part of a solution for a problem you see. That feeling is a hundred times more fulfilling than simply walking around and complaining. And how cool would it be to see an initiative you suggested actually get implemented at RIT and affect the lives of students, present and future? Did someone just say lasting legacy?

You are a student. You have a voice. Visit the RIT Student Government website to see what positions are available for the upcoming year!

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