The cold weather and heavy coursework is catching up to many of us, but for the students at RIT’s School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (SPAS), this is probably the most critical and fun part of the year as their capstone projects and Master’s theses are showcased at William Harris Gallery. The first one in the series this year is “Where We Stand,” a collection of photojournalism senior capstone projects. An opening reception was hosted on Feb. 9, which attracted a very unique audience.

“Where We Stand” is about perspective. Each project shows a different angle of looking at things from a photojournalist’s viewpoint. The students have successfully brought the stories of their subjects to life through these photographs and videos. There are stories of people belonging to different groups like cycling (Paving the Way, Meg Oliphant) and dancing (When Our Journey Splits, Paula Ospina) as well as individual focused projects about a hockey player (Hayley’s Dream, Jenn March), a curling enthusiast (Throwing Stones, Flannery Allison) and Getty Images’ photographer Al Bello (Eyes of Gold, Michael Owens) and the isolated lifestyle of an island with an year-round population of 30 (Isle au Haut, Dominique Hessert).

The show gives a feeling of stepping into small, different worlds set up within the gallery. Every story that you see here takes you on a mini adventure and gives you a peek into the lives of these people. The efforts of these participating students in creating such an experience is praiseworthy. They not only spent the summer and fall terms of their senior year in planning their stories, but they also became a part of the lives of all the people involved. This amazing relationship between the photographers and their subjects could be seen when most of them attended the opening reception. Alex from our team was able to gather some great pictures from the reception. Check them out below!


I, on behalf of RIT Behind the Bricks, would like to congratulate the students for their outstanding contribution. The William Harris Gallery will continue to showcase “Where We Stand” until March 3.

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