So your spring break plans fell through. Or maybe you didn’t have any spring break plans to start with. Fear not. Just because you’re spending the week alone doesn’t mean it has to be a dud. Here are our top suggestions for what to do this spring break if you are spending it solo in Rochester:

Explore the city

When school is in full swing, it can often be hard to find the time to take a day or even afternoon to travel around. Maybe you think that Rochester isn’t even that interesting. Well think again, the city has so many gems. You can visit some of Rochester’s best parks like Cobbs Hill Reservoir or Highland Park to get views of the city, or you can go cafe hopping and find the best coffee spots in the area. If you want to know more, read our article about our picks for the best espresso in town.  


Now let’s be honest, we all have that pile of books that we promise ourselves we will get to eventually, yet in the end we never quite seem to get to them because there is an even bigger pile of required textbook reading that we’re struggling to get through. The sheer volume of text we get thrown at us in college is often enough to deter us from picking up any other type of reading. But – if you have some spare time on your hands this break, why not open that book that has been sitting on your shelf and gathering dust – whether it’s fiction, a biography, a memoir or an advice novel – taking the time to read for pure enjoyment can be some of the best “me time” out there.

Visit the Strong Museum of Play

Although during most of the year, we’re in #adulting mode, why not take the break to let your inner child out? And what better place to do that than Rochester’s own Strong Museum of Play. Taking a step into the museum, you will be transformed back into your childhood. You can play with kinetic sand, walk through an upside down, forced perspective house, or take a stroll through a mini Wegmans – the possibilities are endless.


Okay, okay – before you laugh and scroll right past this point, hear us out. Spring is right around the corner, so why not take the opportunity to clean your space a bit before the second half of the semester hits? A clean space can make you feel more calm and overall more productive. And if you’re not really into the whole cleaning thing, try making it more enjoyable by blasting some fun music, listening to a new podcast, or timing yourself and racing to see how quickly you can finish!

Catch a movie at an independent movie theatre

With Oscars season right behind us, movies are fresh on our minds. Most of the time though, the biggest question while we have when watching the Oscars is, “Where do I even watch that?” Well, you can often find Oscar nominated shorts or documentaries playing in smaller, independent movie theatres, like the Little Theatre, here is Rochester. These theatres have a more intimate feeling and often put on special events and showings – check them out!

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