As the career fair grows closer and closer, many departments and colleges within our university have prepared you with exactly what to do while networking with potential employers. Well our team here at Behind the Bricks has taken a little bit of a different approach to this semester’s career fair prep. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you exactly what NOT to do this Wednesday, February 7!

Don’t stalk
Do you see your favorite company in the distance of the Gordon Field House? Do you see your favorite company’s recruiter heading to the restroom? Don’t follow them and try to give your 30-second elevator pitch over the hand dryer… it won’t work.

Don’t try and talk to every single company
The more companies you talk to, the more likely it is you’ll get a co-op right? No, wrong! Research a select few companies in which you are truly interested in potentially working for, and engage in a natural two-way conversation with the recruiter. The less rushed, the better!

Don’t cut in line
Do you see a sneaky way to get in the middle of a long line? No matter how sure you are that no one will notice, don’t try it!

Don’t wear white socks
Do you want to scream TACKY?

Don’t carry your backpack
You carry your backpack everyday throughout the course of the semester, there’s no need to bring it to the career fair. If you do not have a briefcase, bring a single folder of resumes, and you will be all set! Visit The Hub next to Artesano to get beautiful, inexpensive resumes printed!


Don’t ask the employer to borrow a pen
No matter how prepared you may seem for a particular co-op position, no recruiter will give you the time of day if you ask to borrow a pen. If you can’t be prepared at the career fair, how can you be prepared in a co-op position at their company?

Don’t force the employer to take your resume
When it’s your turn to speak to the recruiter, do not try to immediately give them your resume. It comes across as forceful, and will probably land in the “No’s” resume pile. Instead, try engaging in a thoughtful conversation, until the recruiter asks for your resume specifically.

Don’t keep your hands in your pockets for too long
Let’s put it this way…No one wants to shake a clammy hand.

Don’t leave a typo in your resume
Did you spend time printing out 30 (what you thought were) beautiful resumes? Well, if you find a minor typo an hour before the career fair, go fix the typo, and reprint! The first thing employers look at is your resume, and a simple typo indicates that you are not detail-oriented.

Don’t forget to believe in yourself!
Lastly, it is extremely important that you don’t forget to believe in yourself. Yes, there will be tons of students looking for co-ops, but remember to show the recruiter why you deserve that position. Keep a positive mindset, and bring your A game!



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