On August 21st, a solar eclipse will cross the North American continent from ocean to ocean for the first time since 1918. From Rochester, a partial eclipse will be seen where 70 percent of the sun will be covered starting at a around 1:14pm and ending at 3:52pm according to the Rochester Museum Science Center (RMSC). While we know how animals might react to the eclipse, it is important to understand how we can prepare ourselves for this magnificent event.

Cities are taking major precaution in light of the eclipse. One school in Pennsylvania is cancelling recess, roads are being closed in Georgia, and businesses all across the country are shutting down for the day. While these actions may seem severe, it’s all in effort to encourage viewers to take the proper time to prepare and enjoy.

Looking directly at the sun is never a good idea. One of the best ways to protect your eyes and enjoy the sight is to invest in Solar Eclipse Glasses. Getting a pair is as easy as shopping at your local Walmart, Best Buy, Lowe’s and other retail chains and public resources. You can also pick up a pair at RMSC for a suggestion donation of $2, but hurry because they are running out quick!

If you can’t get your hands on those glasses, you can easily create a paper projector that allows you to view the shadows indirectly. Whichever method you intend to choose, be sure to protect your eyes, view in a safe location, and enjoy.

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