So it’s the last week of classes and you may be scrambling to find an internship, or if you graduate next week, a full-time position. Hopefully you’ve already begun to apply for jobs but if you haven’t, it’s never too late to start. If you’re not sure how or where to start, or just need a little help, I’ve put together some RIT resources that you can use to assist you in your job search.

Job ZoneJobZone

One major resource RIT provides for students and alumni is JobZone. It can, or maybe already has, help you tremendously when searching for a full time position or a co-op. JobZone can be found on the Career Services students page. When you get there, you are able to do an “advanced search” for jobs. You can search by your major, whether you need a co-op or full time position, and even location.

Always make sure your profile is up to date! Make sure you marked your profile as published if you’re searching for a full time job or co-op position. Be sure you have the correct resume and cover letter uploaded.

You can also go into documents > opt-in books and opt-in to your major’s “grads seeking full-time” or “2017 co-op” books. This will make you available to any employers looking at RIT for positions in your major to be filled.

Career Services

Another option is meeting with your career services coordinator to discuss your job search, your resume or cover letter, or the interview process. An important thing to remember is that they are still available to you after you graduate! Take advantage of their assistance and make sure you’re in great shape to be hired! To find out who your career services coordinator is, visit and use the search bar at the top to search by major.


Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and contains a bunch of relevant, professional information about you. You can apply to jobs on LinkedIn as well under the “Jobs” tab. You are able to pick your search term and location. There are usually “easy apply” options where you click apply and the employer is simply sent to your profile. Again, make sure your profile is updated first!

Other options that I have had success with include ZipRecruiter and Indeed. I signed up for the daily emails from ZipRecruiter and downloaded the app to make it even easier. The more, the merrier.

Best of luck on your job search, Tigers!

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