Cosplay Troupe is a club dedicated to the art of cosplay, which is costume play. On Fridays everyone gets together and we occasionally hold workshops on how to make armor, how to do photoshoots and a lot of fun stuff like that. It’s not just at the school’s level–a lot of outside people are a part of the club. I know people who have been coming to this club for years, so it’s a very public thing. The club’s a really nice place to hang out, talk about outfits and what you’ve been working on.

At conventions we occasionally have these shows where there are people on stage in their costumes and they perform a skit. The show we put on is a chess show where you audition for it and you get casted as the character you want. What it is, is the game of chess where you go in and fight each character. It’s a lot of fun. It’s no so much taken seriously; it’s a lot of funny banter, occasional jokes and the plot that goes with it.

My character–his name is Oma from this new video game that came out called Dangan Ronpa V3. It’s this murder mystery based game where there are these students who all have these special talents. My character’s special talent–he’s like the high school level supreme leader type deal. He thinks he’s this really cool, “I can rule anything,” type of character but he’s just like a prankster. It was a lot of fun to make the costume too–a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

Zachary Jones, 2nd Year Film and Animation Major and Cosplay Troupe E-Board Member

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