I was undeclared engineering technology, but as of today I am in civil engineering technology. I started as an undeclared because I wasn’t one hundred percent sure of what I wanted to go into, but I was leaning civil because I like architecture and I like building things and working with my hands. I’m in two different class. I’m in materials construction and DC circuits, so I kind decided that between those two I liked the civil aspect more.

A week before coming to RIT I participated in the National American Miss Pageant. And it’s funny, my YearOne teacher–her daughter was actually competing in the same pageant, so she remembered me from the pageant. I didn’t win or anything, but I had a lot of fun doing it. The National American Miss Pageant is where people can recommend you an invitation to come to an open call which is like an information session. They do one interview to get everything rolling and to see if you’re more qualified to participate based on what you do academically and what your extracurriculars are like. So I found out I was one of the state finalists and after that callback they told me I could come to this prep session and told me when the pageant would be. There were three categories. There was the formalwear, the personal interview and then there was the personal introduction. So for the interview you go in and talk to the judges and they ask you questions, then you have the formalwear where you get to wear your ball gown and then the personal introduction where you wear your gown on stage and do your introduction. It’s all about helping to build confidence. It helps with public speaking and getting to know other people with similar interests and that kind of thing.

Kristy Stine, 1st Year Civil Engineering Technology Major

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