I do photography and I do my circus training. I went to a two year career school for my photography prior to coming to RIT. I also do my circus stuff, I think, four nights a week now. So, I kind of made a decision four years ago during my sophomore year of highschool that–I usually do a bunch of different extracurricular activities and I kind of liked all of them, but there was nothing I really loved–so I decided not to do anything that I kind of liked anymore. I only do things that I really love. So, that’s how I spend my time. I work with Aerial Arts of Rochester. Two days a week are like class days basically where I learn new moves, and and I have my trainer. I do silks and aerial hoops. And then the other two days are practice and strength training. I do a performance at the studio about every six months. So, I’m always preparing a routine for that. I’m working towards being in the circus troupe, which is like a professional thing.

After my freshman year of highschool my mom was just looking for a way to get me out of the house so she signed me up for darkroom lessons for a week–just a random class at an art community center that happened to still be open. So she put me in it and I grabbed her old Pentax K1000 and went, and I just like really loved it. I was always into art. It was something I kind of liked–I liked the idea of being an artist. My mom used to teach here at RIT. She taught art history, so there was always just art in the house–that was always just something around. I just never felt exactly right doing it. I felt like I was trying to force it. It just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. And then with photography, I was like this is it. This is my medium, this is what I want to be doing. Then I took a class at my high school and the class kind of sucked but I still liked photography, so I wanted to pursue that. I found out about a career school, so instead of going to my high school, for half of the day, I went to this career and technical education school–it was the Eastern Monroe Career Center. I studied photography and visual communications, and I loved it. Actually this past summer I got to compete in something called SkillsUSA, so I made it to the national level with that and won silver.

Sofia Cox, 1st Year Advertising Photography Major

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