I learned programming when I was ten, and I started just coding on the computer, making really simple stuff. Then, I took an online class to learn more advanced stuff, got interested in game design, went to an association group that was local. I met a guy there named Noah Ratcliff. He went to RIT and he became a student ambassador, and he was the one who initially told me about RIT and their great game design, so shout out to him.

I had my heart set on a different school at first school at first called DigiPen. I went there, and I was disappointed to say the least. Then, when I came to RIT I saw that this was a makerspace. This is a place of imaging science. It’s got all these diverse interests, and there’s all these cool things that they do. Specifically I went to the Imagine RIT Event. That was really cool, and that was really what made me decide that RIT was the right place for me.

I consider myself an outdoorsman. I’m an eagle scout. I go camping a lot and hiking. I’m really into outdoorsman stuff, like wilderness survival. Things like that. I’m a young entrepreneur. I was part of the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy–super interesting to go through, start my own business. It was a video game developing business. That’s another hobby of mine. I’ve been working on my first commercial release of a game since I was in 8th grade.

Kent Reese, 1st year Game Design and Development Major

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