I knew a little bit about ASL when I was little because I had a friend whose parents were deaf, but then I kind of lost touch with it. I started watching a show called Switched at Birth, which kind of reintroduced it to me. Then I took ASL when I went to high school, so I’ve been taking ASL since freshman year of high school. RIT is one of the few schools that offer ASL, and so far it’s been good. The first year was a lot slower, just getting the hang of things. A lot of general electives, but now I’m getting more into it. I’ve been taking ASL for the past 6 years, but there’s always a lot of learning to do. Things constantly change. As far as interpreting as a field itself, I’ve learned a lot. I had an intro class last year which was, in general, the gist of the whole thing. But I’m getting more into it this semester with different classes which have given me a lot, and given me a better understanding of the field.

There are a bunch of different fields of interpreting. I’m not sure which I want to do yet, but I definitely want to go back home and see if there’s anywhere there. There’s legal interpreting, medical interpreting, educational interpreting. You can do a VRS system, which is like any deaf people would call the VRS system so they can see an interpreter, and the interpreter would make the call in voice for them, and kind of make the communication easier for them. So, that would be cool, because it’s not just in your area, it’s calls from all over the country. But I don’t know which kind of interpreting I’ll do. Since I was little, before I got into interpreting, I wanted to do education and teaching, so maybe that would be a better fit for me. They offer later on in my school career electives that are geared towards the specific fields, so it will give me a better understanding of what I want to do.

I read a lot. I watch a lot of Netflix. At home I was part of a dance team–mostly lyrical contemporary, which is like slower. I have two jobs at home. I work at a hotel as a server, and I work at a catering hall.

Julia McCreedy, 2nd Year ASL Interpreting Major

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