When I came to the US I was fourteen years old. The process of coming here was difficult. I came from Honduras as an immigrant and had to fill out paperwork and get used to the culture here. I didn’t know the language. I wasn’t used to the food. Really, you don’t know how to socialize with a group of people you don’t know and aren’t used to–so that’s another thing. I lived in a foster home and went to school here. When I got here I thought I would always be working, but I couldn’t since I was fourteen. But here I am, learning to survive and trying to adapt, because the process of adaption takes a lot of time.

I decided to come here to find a new life and a new opportunity. When I came here, things were completely different from how I thought they’d be. Most people I know don’t believe in God. Where I’m from many more people believe in these things. Social media gives you an idea of how things are here and when you get here you realize how it is in reality. People on Honduras think that money is everywhere in the US, for example. They think everyone here is white, but in reality there’s a lot of diversity.

Jeison Munguia 1st year Graphic Design

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