I’m in SOIS School of Individualized Study, so I’m in a choose your own adventure kind of program. My concentrations are in Visual Culture and Marketing Communications so I take care of advertising, PR (public relations)–a lot of PR–and marketing. My minor is actually in business administration. Then the visual culture side is history of photography, history of art, kind of the more functional side of comics and the business side. So, how comics fit into the fine art world and how galleries and museums present comics because there’s this portion of narrative that goes with it so it’s a bit of a struggle.

Photo House is a special interest house, which basically means we’re a floor of RIT’s dormitories with facilities and build-in support systems through residence life and the school of photography. I like to push the aspect of you not only have built-in tutors, but also a built-in social system and a built-in mentorship program with upperclassman that live off-floor. So, even if it’s just for your freshman year, you get so much support, that joining a special interest house in general is a great way to start off your collegiate career. And it at least establishes you to figure out your scheduling and your routine. It really helps you to not get lost in one of the aspects–you hear a lot of stories of kids who really delve into their academics and then finish out their first year without many friends, or vice versa where you get the kids who party so hard they drop out. So, with something like this–it’s similar to greek life where you’re getting that structure to learn how to balance, while still having a routine that you have to follow until you figure out how to do it on your own. Specifically for Photo House, we’ll take anyone that loves photography–or if you’re not a photo major–and we’ll make sure you’re still allowing yourself that outlet. It’s something you forget, you still end up falling back on something passive like watching TV or Netflix, whereas here you’re able to do something more manual that honestly helps you out a lot more.

Hannah Kulp, 4th Year Visual Culture and Marketing Communications Major and President of Photo House

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