I went through the interpreting program at NTID [National Technical Institute for the Deaf]. I’ve been working here for about 11 years. We have different teams that we’re assigned to to interpret specific classes. I was on the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences team and I’m switching to the NTID team to interpret more often the classes over there, but I do like to interpret photography classes, math classes, and criminal justice classes. We kind of develop some specialties, but we’re also able to just go anywhere and interpret anything.

I came to RIT as a computer science major and I didn’t like it so I switched. When I first started working I freelanced–I was a community interpreter and I freelanced here. I got a math class, and I liked it. I’ve done a math class pretty much every term since I’ve been an interpreter. And being on the CIAS team, I really liked photography. Then, I have a minor in criminal justice and my master’s degree is related, so that’s where that comes from. Doing this I’ve just met a lot of different people, and I’ve gotten to interpret a lot of different things on campus. Every day is something different, so that’s what I like about it.

Personally, I’m a triathlete. I’m an ironman. I’m an ultrarunner–I actually just ran a 100K race last weekend. So that’s something I do. It’s good to have a work and personal life balance. And I can obviously sometimes bring that into work if I interpret sports on campus. We have interpreters who are assigned to interpret for any of the deaf athletes. I don’t do it very often, but I was a swimmer growing up, so I have interpreted for the swim team. Just depends on if they need someone to interpret for them at practices, or meets or games.

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