I came to RIT because I took the open house tour and I was like cool, I really vibe with this school, I want to come here–and that’s how it happened. I filled out the application that day and I went on my merry way. I didn’t really apply to any other schools so it was either here or bust at that point. And then I got the acceptance letter and I was like, “Oh lit! Yay, I can’t wait!” So, I specifically chose game design development because I want to create stories in worlds–but in video game form because I love video games–and I thought it might be a good opportunity to teach and grow people and also stop putting the same rehash stuff out on the video game market.

I’m currently the social liaison of Photo House. I’m having a blast and I like where I’m at right now. It’s actually a funny story how I ended up on photo house. At first I was only on Photo House because of the Vice President, Erin. In the summer I had told her that I’d be floor four [of Nathaniel Rochester Hall] and was like, “Isn’t that photo house?” She said yes and told me I should join. So I ended up being a member of photo house and assumed I would just stay for a year and then move on with my life. But then there came a meeting where we had to nominate and elect chairs and at first I was thinking I didn’t really have the time. I wanted to do really well this semester and put all my effort into schoolwork. But then I had a little voice in my head that was just like if you don’t do this now you’re going to regret it forever. So I decided to raise my hand for social liaison chair, and I think my exact words were–quoting American Horror Story, “Surprise, bet you thought you saw the last of me.” So I basically said that, and I got elected. There was like only one person who didn’t vote for me, really. So it was fun, and I’ve currently made a couple of events and people have liked them. Now I’m planning on running for E-Board once that comes up.

Kyle Heide, 2nd Year Game Design and Development Major

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