I’m a part of Delta Phi Epsilon–we team up with the Sigma Chi Fraternity and we’re essentially hosting a haunted trail. So we took a lot of time to set up the trails and all these different scenes. Everyone gets into character and for all of the scenes they’re interacting with each other.

So, how it works is people sign up and they pay five dollars for a ticket to come walk through the trail while members of the organization guide people through. All of the money that we’re raising goes towards the Huntsman Cancer Institute for cancer research and the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation, which is for scholarships and stuff.

Initially I didn’t really think being in a sorority was for me but I really love the events that we host and the things we do. Besides raising the money and feeling good about supporting causes like this, it’s just really fun to get together and work toward the cause together in general. I definitely feel like I have a presence in the Greek community and that we really are a community.

Mia Mason, 3rd year Psychology Major and Member of Delta Phi Epsilon

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