Have you heard the great news?! Tiger Center just got a whole lot faster, and there’s more!

Overall Changelog

TC_LogoFor those that have yet to hear of this amazing RIT student made software called Tiger Center please check out our previous articles here. Now back to the juicy details, this new update will be featuring the following changes:

  • Performance Increase: This includes major sections of the website like the class search engine, which received a complete overhaul from the code up.
  • Crash/Freeze Reduction: The likelihood of a crash or freeze has been significantly reduced as a result of the above.
  •  Redesign: The footer section of the site has been made to look cleaner and legible. As well as, the SITO logo has been reworked for better scaling on mobile devices.



feedbackStudent IT Office (SITO) is always looking for feedback and suggestions from users just like yourself. Because of feedback and suggestions SITO has been able to make these tweaks and changes to Tiger Center. We ask that you please check out the improved Tiger Center and if you have any feedback or suggestions go here.

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