RIT’s Cary Graphic Arts Collection is known for its collection of books and archives surrounding the history of printing, graphic design, typography, calligraphy and more. This year, Cary Collection is hosting “The Dynamic Library”, an exhibition showcasing their recent acquisitions of graphic arts history.

This exhibition gives insight into Cary Collection’s transition to a “dynamic” library. The oldest artifacts included in the display date back to 17th century. Some of the interesting acquisitions include the 1994 model of Apple Newton MessagePad, Apple’s first commercial tablet, regarded as a stepping stone into the world of digital tablets. The tablet itself along with its packaging is on display at the exhibition.

Another item on display is the “Uncommon Press”, designed and manufactured by five RIT students in 2016. The “Uncommon Press” is a working reconstruction of a wooden printing press from c. 1780, designed to fill the missing piece in the collection of nineteen other working presses in the Cary Collection. Another printing press within the exhibition is the Acorn-Frame Printing Press. The press does not include a maker’s mark, however, it is likely that it was created by the Cincinnati Type Foundry c. 1830.

The exhibit hosts many other pieces of printing history such as hand-press printed books, typography, prints, classroom materials, portfolios, etc. This exhibition gives a peek into the evolution of printing over the centuries and the progression toward digital media. “The Dynamic Library” will continue to display until May 30, 2017. Visit this exhibition on 2nd floor of the Wallace Center!

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