3 reasons why Shop One is cooler than you think

So if you have spent any time around RIT’s campus or ventured into Global Village, it’s likely that you have heard about or seen Shop One. Let’s be honest though, how many times have you just walked right past it thinking it’s probably not your type of store. Here are our top three reasons why Shop One is just so much cooler than you ever expected:

1. It’s the revival of the original Shop One, which began the Craft Movement.

So unless you are an art history aficionado, those words will mean very little to you and you might even be looking forward to reason number two of this list. But just wait – it’s actually a neat story.

Shop One, here on RIT’s campus, is actually a revival of the downtown Rochester Shop One which opened in 1953 as the first retail gallery outside of New York City that exclusively sold hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces of craft and art. Alongside Manhattan’s America House, Shop One in Rochester was vital in starting the Craft Art Movement in America.

Today, we have the revival shop, right here on our campus. Now isn’t that just a cool living piece of history? It’s definitely not something most universities can brag about.

2. It’s not your typical retail gallery.

Walking into a museum gift shop, you often find huge areas labeled “local artist.” Try asking one of the store employees about the artist, and you’ll often hear that yes, indeed, this piece was made by a local artist. Try asking more. That question is usually met with awkward silence. Now this isn’t a point to harp on museum gift shops around the country as surely there are many very well educated employees, however, Shop One makes this a priority.

Wendy Marks, director of Shop One, says that what really sets RIT’s Shop One apart is their constant effort to “highlight RIT talent and familiarize people with the work and the artists.” The store currently has four student and one adult sales associate who can gladly answer any and all question about the work they sell. Additionally, as you can see in the photo below, all around the shop, you can find plaques that give you more information about the artist/designer and their work.

3. It’s focused on the RIT family and network.

As mentioned above, when you walk around Shop One, you will find many information plaques. If you stop to read them, you might be surprised to find out that most of the artists are RIT alums. In fact, about 90% of the products are made by RIT alumni from programs such as industrial design, fine art, and jewelry making (just to name a few). It’s such a great experience to go into the store and think “Wow, I didn’t know that was made by a former RIT student!” – it truly makes you see just how influential RIT graduates become in their respective industries.

In fact, Shop One continually assists in bridging the gap between student and alumni. Just this past month, Shop One set up a table featuring RIT Industrial Design alumni work sold at the store during the program’s annual Design Autopsy show in Bevier Gallery which featured the work on notable alumni.

Shop One also participates in the “Length of Service Program” which rewards significant anniversaries of tenured professors by allowing them to select certain goods from Shop One. Rather than a pen with their name printed on them or a plaque that will get shoved to the back of an office, RIT professors get to receive beautifully designed and crafted products that support the RIT alumni.

To find out more about Shop One, you can view their website here, or just stop by in person!


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Written by: Brittany Remington  

Shop One2

Have you ever visited Shop One2? Chances are most students have never been. Shop One2  is a unique gift shop on the RIT campus where you can find a great gift for a special someone.  Shop One2 houses different artwork from RIT students, faculty and affiliated artists. The store has a wide variety of photography, prints, paintings, blown glass, jewelry, furniture, music, sculpture, textiles, ceramics and literary publications.

Wendy Marks, the manager of Shop One2, has been a part of gallery since its early days. After graduating from RIT in the ’70’s and being self-employed, Marks went to show her own work to be featured in Shop One2. She quickly fell in love with the gallery and the atmosphere and decided to apply for the opening.


“I have a lot of favorite things about this gallery. One of them is the dynamic of people that come in. We get students, parents, alumni and people from all over the world,” states Marks.

Marks also explains that the gallery focuses on carrying good design and interesting, unique pieces. Shop One2 therefore has items that fall between $5 and $10,000.


“We don’t expect to sell the $10,000 pieces to students. We have them to give a better representation of the range of an artist’s work. For example, we have a lamp by Albert Paley  the same person who did the RIT Sentinel. It shows off his style and creativity, which is what we try to do for all of the artists featured at Shop One2.”

Shop One2 has pieces from all of the disciplines from the School for American Crafts and even some from the College of Liberal Arts. The College of Liberal Arts pieces tend to be different poetry or books by College of Liberal Arts faculty. Some of these faculty include Dane Gordon from the Philosophy department and John Roche from the English department.


Dane Gordon will reading from his poetry books “The Logic of Death” and “Saint Petersburg Poems” in celebration of National Poetry Month at Shop One2 Thursday April 11 at 4:00 pm.

Shop One2 has plans for a new website to allow for online purchases. The online shopping with assist purchases from across the globe.

Mon – Wed: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thu: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Fri: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sat: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Shop One2 is located at 6000 Reynolds Drive, Rochester, NY 14623 in RIT’s Global Village. They can also be reached at 585-475-2335.

RIT Behind the Bricks is a blog run by a social media team in Finance & Administration. We are bringing the latest and greatest aspects of RIT right to your Tumblr feed every Tuesday and Thursday!

Shop One2 Facebook 


Written by: Brittany Remington