Let’s Get Ready for Winter Break

It’s that time of the year. The weather grows colder, the holiday season approaches, and the study grind for finals begins. One thing to look forward to post-finals, is winter break. From December 20 to January 15, you’ll have no obligations, and some time to relax before the spring semester craziness begins. But before you head home, on vacation, or wherever you may be spending your break, it’s important to ensure that your dorm/apartment is prepared for your time off.

Housing Closing Procedures

Residence Halls

Residence Halls close on Wednesday, December 20, and all students must leave their rooms during the entirety of the break. For students planning on staying close to campus, don’t fret, rooms at the RIT Inn and Conference Center have been reserved for
you, just ask your RA for more info. If your roommate this semester is planning on moving out (or if they already have), it is important to ensure that your room is prepared for someone new to move in. This will consist of removing your personal belongings from their side of the room. In the hustle and bustle of finals week, many students forget to empty their garbage prior to leaving for winter break. We’re sure you can imagine how lovely the room will smell upon your arrival back to campus if you forget to do so! Aside from throwing out last minute trash, it is imperative that you close, lock, and pull down the shades on all of windows in your room. This will help prevent pipes from freezing. Just like your garbage, it’s just as important to remove all leftover food in your mini fridge prior to your departure from RIT. Lastly, don’t forget to unplug all electronics, and lock your door when you leave!


Just like the residence halls, on-campus apartments also need to be prepared for your absence during winter break. Aside from preparing for a new roommate, locking windows, taking out garbage, and moving unplugging all electronics, it is important to adjust your apartment’s temperature prior to your departure. Your heater should be set to automatic, and the room temperature should be set to at least 65 degrees. While adjusting your apartment’s temperature, be sure to leave the HVAC covers in place, and do not turn off the valves to the HVAC unit. With most campus apartments having multiple roommates in one unit, it is important that you create a comfortable living space to ensure new roommates are welcome.

Dining Services

All of the dining halls will close December 20th, 2017, and will re-open at the start of spring semester 2018. For a full list of hours and operation, please visit the RIT Dining Servies website. 

Good luck on finals, and have a wonderful winter break. See you next semester!

Shuttle Changes

Are you staying at RIT over the summer and still need a ride to and from places? You don’t have to worry because RIT Parking and Transportation Services will be continuing shuttle services over the summer with the exception of federal holidays when the institute is closed. Please note that there is no service Monday, May 26th, 2013 and Thursday, July 4th, 2013 for the RIT summer shuttle.


The RIT shuttle will still be making its regular routes to apartment areas, Wegmans, Southtown Plaza, Barnes & Noble, downtown, Marketplace Mall and residence halls but at different times spaced further apart. This is due to the decrease in the amount of students at RIT in the summer.

Here is the link for the RTS summer schedule (Marketplace Mall and downtown).

Here is the link for the RIT Summer shuttle schedule (Wegmans, Southtown Plaza, Barnes & Noble, residence halls and apartment areas).

These schedules will be in effect from Sunday May 19th 2013 to Sunday, August 25th,2013. The City of Rochester has a lot to offer over the summer! Make sure you know the new schedule so you can take advantage of all the fun things going on downtown. For a list of fun events you may want to check out, go to Visit Rochester.

RIT Behind the Bricks is a blog run by a social media team in Finance & Administration. We are bringing the latest and greatest aspects of RIT right to your Tumblr feed every Tuesday and Thursday!


 Written by: Brittany Remington 


Housing Checkout

Moving out of your housing at RIT for the summer? Students not graduating must be moved out of their RIT housing by Saturday, May 18th at 10:00 am. Students who are graduating and are in RIT housing have until Sunday, May 19th at noon to move out.

The RIT Housing Operations has a streamlined way to check you out of your housing this year. This year, if you bring your key and your RIT ID with you to the Housing Operations office during normal business hours (8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday), the Housing Operations staff will check you out of your housing with an iPad.

How does this work? The Housing Operations staff has a card swipe similar to a Square. A Square allows people to accept credit card payments with an iPhone or iPad. However, instead of a credit card, you use your RIT ID, which has all of your information on it to check you out of housing.

If you need to return your key outside of normal business hours, place your housing key in a pre-printed envelope that you can get outside of the Housing Operations office and the Public Safety office in Grace Watson Hall and drop it off in the designated box outside of the office. This procedure is for all students living in RIT housing that are not staying for the summer with the exception of students living in the RIT Inn. Students living in the RIT Inn should return their key to the front desk at the RIT Inn.

If you have any questions please contact housing@rit.edu or (585) 475-2878.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!

RIT Behind the Bricks is a blog run by a social media team in Finance & Administration. We are bringing the latest and greatest aspects of RIT right to your Tumblr feed every Tuesday and Thursday!


  Written by: Brittany Remington