This is week 7, and classes are starting to get intense – especially if you’re taking any 10-week courses (props to you if you’ve done any 5-week ones, I was way too scared to try and squeeze 15 weeks of learning into 5; you’re much braver than I am). For those of you who, like me, are sacrificing your free time to the weather machine and taking classes at RIT this summer, here are some helpful resources to keep you on track during the one time of year when it’s actually nice outside in western New York:

  1. DO AS MUCH WORK AS POSSIBLE WHEN IT IS NOT NICE. If it is raining or you’re just way too hot to go outside, doing work while it’s crappy out will improve your life by 1000000%. I know that paper might not be due for a whole week, but if it was raining today and nice the rest of the week, when would you rather spend on the paper? Yeah, I thought so.
  2. SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO SAY NO TO PLANS. This one really sucks. Having to say no to your friends when they ask you to go cliff jumping or something because you have to study for a test is so hard, but honestly sometimes it just has to be done. Trust me, I know from experience. Also, try not to laugh when they talk about how covered in leeches they were after they jumped into that seemingly harmless pond/lake/stream/whatever.
  3. IF YOU HAVE TO, GO OUTSIDE AND DO WORK. Whether it’s the pool, outside on the grass, a park bench – just pick a spot where you won’t get distracted or disturbed. It’s hard to imagine anything worse than having to explain to a professor that a rogue squirrel really did steal your homework.


I’m sure there are other things I could tell you, but these are really the most important things to keep in mind. I know working and taking classes in the summer can be hard, but it is still possible to do well in school and have a great summer – trust me.

For more tips, one of my former team members did a series last semester on several different apps and tips you can use to improve your academics. I use these #HackYourEdu tips on a daily basis and it has seriously improved the way I manage my time – this stuff is genuinely useful. And free, can’t forget free. I love things that are free.


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