One of the biggest celebrations of the year is coming up: St. Patrick’s Day. In a sea of green, it can be tough to remember reality. The day can be a lot of fun, especially with the parade and St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but it is important to remember to stay safe.

How did St. Patrick’s Day even come about?

St. Patrick was the Patron Saint of Ireland. But, he wasn’t even Irish! There are many tales and legends about St. Patrick’s legacy in Ireland, but many of them lack in truth. According to stories, St. Patrick drove all of the snakes out of Ireland. However, this cannot possibly be accurate because there were no snakes in Ireland in the first place.

Festivities started in Ireland on the anniversary of his death. However, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations became popular in the United States when the Irish immigrated to America. Parades formed and the Irish gathered to party and celebrate their heritage in their new country.

A big part of this holiday is drinking. Unknown to many current partygoers, there is actually a reason behind this. During the original celebrations, Christians would put aside their food and alcohol restrictions for lent just on this specific day. Because this was a one-day pass, the Irish Christians would usually go all out.

Activities in Rochester on St. Patrick’s Day:

Feel like starting the day early? At 9:30am on St. Patrick’s Day, there is a 5-mile run. Johnny’s 20th Runnin’ of the Green starts at the Blue Cross Arena. You’ll be done before the parade starts, so you can still enjoy all the Irish festivities!

Alternatively, there is a Luck of the Irish 5k. The interesting thing about this race is that it is virtual. You can run or walk the race anywhere and anytime before St. Patrick’s Day. All your race materials will be mailed to you.

At 12:30pm on St. Patrick’s Day, Rochester hosts a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade route runs down East Avenue and Main Street. Get there early, the streets fill with people fast. There will even be a Rochester Parade App. You’ll be able to see the parade route, the schedule for the day, and information about the event.

In honor of this special day, check out all of Rochester’s local Irish restaurants, stores, and pubs. Right near RIT, there is Shramrock’s Irish Pub, MicGinny’s on the River, and MacGregor’s Grill and Tap Room. After a long day at the parade, these are a few perfect places to grab a great bite to eat close to campus.

Tips on how to Stay Safe this St. Patrick’s Day:

Although it is important to have fun on the big day, it is also important to remember reality. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than 1,800 college students die a year from drunk driving and binge drinking. Even if you don’t think you’ve had a lot to drink, don’t drive unless you stay completely sober. Rochester has just recently introduced Uber and Lyft into our area. It is a great and safe alternative to driving on St. Patrick’s Day. Have their apps downloaded onto your phone ahead of time, just in case you need to end up using them. If you’re driving with a designated driver, don’t distract them. There is a lot of driving accidents on St. Patrick’s Day. Even though some are out of your control, it is important to always be aware and prepared on the road.

In the case of an emergency off campus, dial 911. In the case of an emergency or situation that you need help with on campus, you can either dial 911 or call public safety. Here is a list of public safety’s phone numbers. It is a smart idea to save them into the contact list on your phone, so you have them prepared if you need them:


(585) 475-3333


(585) 475-2853


(585) 205-8333

Additionally, public safety now has their own app. Tigersafe is a campus safety app that provides students with instant access to campus safety resources. Download it in the app store today; it may come in handy when you really need it.

Have a great, safe, and (hopefully) warm St. Patrick’s Day Tigers!

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