We pour so much time into applying for colleges, applying for all the right programs, reaching out to all the right people. After we get to school, we make sure that we do everything in order to get the most of the school we picked. But what about when we leave the the classrooms, labs, and lecture halls? What value can staying connected to the alumni networks really have?

So here are some of our top reasons as to why you should definitely stay connected to RIT, even after you graduate:

Further educational research

Universities are some of your best connections to stay up-to-date with current research in your field. With RIT, you can have the opportunity to take various research and educational trips, designed specific for the alumni. With destinations such as the upcoming trip to the Galapagos, there is sure to be a trip that interests you and works to advance your professional goals.

Alumni personal interest events/regional events

Arguably, one of the most valuable things you will gain in your time at school, are connections. The importance of building a strong network cannot be undermined. LinkedIn researchers claim that a single connection can be as valuable as 50 sent resumes when you are in the midst of job search.

The RIT alumni network has regional and even international chapters that often organize social and networking events.

Whether you have been dying to try the newest restaurant in town or you’re up for a great night of bowling, these events can be a prime opportunity to forge personal and professional connections. The gatherings can be useful for new graduates moving to a completely new area or those simply looking for fellow graduates.

Access to campus resources

Although you might think that after you walk the stage and get your diploma, your days on RIT’s campus are truly over, think again. As an alumni of our school, you can enjoy access to resources such as the research databases and even the recreation facilities.

In fact, the newest addition to our campus is the RIT Alumni House – the first alumni-centric facility on campus designed to meet several community needs. It’s a one-story welcome center that includes intimate spaces for professional development opportunities, class reunions, milestone life or family events like weddings, industry meetings, and mentoring for students. It is an RIT community project funded fully by RIT alumni and friends. Anticipated opening? Summer 2018! The house is built to be a first point of connection for returning alumni, as our campus is constantly changing and evolving and when you come back in 10 years it might look completely different.  

In addition, our school’s alumni have access to Career Services as a resource for life! So when you are out in the workforce and looking to switch career paths or simply looking to update your resume, this will be an invaluable resource to you.


Believe it or not, college students aren’t the only ones who love discounts, and although once you graduate, your student ID might not give you all the great perks in stores that it does today, that doesn’t mean all is lost! RIT alumni not only have access to special insurance rates but they can apply for a my Better Benefits card that offers a variety of discounts on hotels, automobile rental, travel, theatre, museums, amusement parks, just to name a few.

To find out more about all the resources available to you when you graduate, check out the RIT Alumni Relations website.

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