It’s that time of the year again! Ball gowns, hairdos, photographers, red carpets, limousines. No, not your high school prom – it’s Oscars season! And in honor of the biggest celebration of filmmaking in Hollywood, we decided to hold our own RITchies and poll the RIT student body about a few of their favorite spots on campus.

Best Dining Area: Commons

This dormside dining location won by a landslide. What is it that students love so much about the Commons? Is it their late opening hours, wide selection of food, or the fact that they can deliver to dormside? Did you just jump at that last statement?! Yes – the Commons do indeed deliver to on campus locations! Check out the Dining Express website for more information about this RIT Award Winning dining location!

Best Nap Spot: Max Lowenthal Hall

RIT is serious about their naps. You don’t believe us? Last year, RIT made news around the country when students developed an interactive nap map. And the votes are in! The business building- Max Lowenthal Hall took the win, because even though it can be a bit noisy, the couches there have no match elsewhere on campus! If you want to find more nap locations on campus – visit the Nap Spot Map!

Best Coffee Shop: Midnight Oil

As college students, we recognize the redeeming power of coffee better than any other demographic (or at least we like to think so). It’s no surprise that our campus in riddled with fantastic spots for coffee, tea, and pastries. According to our polls, Midnight Oil took the win. It’s safe to say that it’s amenities like the cozy fireplace, delicious Starbucks coffee and drinks, as well as their wide selection of scrumptious pastries are all good reasons why this particular location pulled into first place.

Best Dorm: TIE between NRH and Ellingson

This vote was the only one without a clear winner – and we ended up with a tie! Now, we’re not saying the votes were rigged or anything – but those dorms do have the most residents. What do you think? What constitutes the best dorm for you?

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