Hello Tigers! As most of you know, RIT is getting busy with several First Friday exhibits across town today. Earlier this week we covered an interview with one of our fellow students, Krit Upra, making his debut into the photography world. I find it exciting that RIT, as a place nourishing young artists, has so much more in store for us. Have you ever thought about how the programs computing students write help artists to create something that pleases the eye and allows relaxation to a mathematics major who, in turn, may provide more food for thought back to the computing student? Circle of life, I suppose. We are all tied with a relationship and we may never appreciate it as much we should.

While thinking about this circle of life, I recently wandered to the William Harris Gallery to take a first look at their upcoming exhibition under the annual student exhibitions series. “Temporary Stay” will showcase the capstone projects of 12 Fine Art Photography seniors. The opening reception will be held today, March 4, between 5 – 8 p.m. and this is a good opportunity to meet the participating students and explore the nature of their work.

“Temporary Stay,” as the title suggests, is inspired by the idea of a transition within students that happened over their four years at RIT. The cultural and social changes observed by students staying away from home are the inspiration for these projects. Additionally, the progress in learning and its contribution to their maturity is evident in the artwork. I could only imagine the techniques used by these young artists and their flawlessness. A beautiful setup awaits the viewers at William Harris gallery.


In my view, the entire show proves to be a delightful surprise for a common eye. If you want to know what these artists have to say, call the number (also displayed on the official poster) 585-888-4408 and select the extensions for the artist you would be interested to know about. The 12 participating artists and their extensions are: Lanyi Zhao (10), Saige Simon (11), Allison Parssi (12), Abby Quinlisk (13), Hailey Cothran (14), Ben Davis (15), Brooke Goldman (16), Gabe Conte (17), Michaela Chapman (18), Michelle Sason (19), Sarah Sampson (20), Kerry Jeyschune (21).

I, hereby, take this opportunity to thank the team at William Harris gallery for arranging an amazing exhibition. I would also urge you to visit the gallery for the reception today at 5 p.m. and give these students a well-deserved chance to exhibit their skills.

Happy weekend!

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