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One of RIT’s main selling points is the school’s focus on co-ops. RIT connects us with companies, yes, but there hasn’t been a way to quickly and easily find which of these companies might be good matches for us… until Rate my co-op.

Designed by Erin McIntosh

What is Rate my co-op? RMC is an online tool for searching reviews on companies that RIT students have co-oped at. One of many amazing things about RMC is that this live beta of the site was done in less than 20 days and entirely by RIT students. Kocsen Chung and Craig Cabrey started it and they’ve had other students trickle in to help as needed.

These student developers feel that it is important for students to know more about who is hiring them. Chung and Cabrey were in the SSE lab last month when a friend expressed their frustration at a lack of relevant information from actual peers. They decided that they could make a difference. The two bought the domain on the spot and decided to work hard to push it out before Career Fair.

Craig Cabrey stated, “I’m interviewing a company just as much as they’re interviewing me. At this point in my career, I have the right to say no to a company because I don’t feel that they’re appropriate for me. Without this kind of information, how can I possibly make that kind of determination?”


RMC is a completely FREE service that the creators have said will never plan on monetizing. 

“We’re not worried about making money off of this,” said Chung. “We’re hosting it ourselves. We just want to help people. If you have a budget or know you need help paying rent, you should be able to say ‘Oh look, this company helped this person out with housing before, maybe they’d help me out too.’ It should be that easy.”


Although RMC was inspired by students’ need, the creators believe RMC will also be helpful to companies.

“Companies can look at the market. They can see whether people are disgruntled or very happy with the way they treat their co-ops, so hopefully they’ll make changes for the better,” Chung expressed.

Just a few things that make RMC unique from other sites such as Glassdoor:

  • Completely Free
  • 1 step signup/login
  • Default anonymity
  • Reviews support markdowns and have no character limit
  • The site is constantly adding new features such as the soon-to-be-released company events section
  • The site’s developers listen and quickly implement changes based on the feedback from its users

Chung and Cabrey are also working with ITS to set the site up so users can sign in with their RIT credentials using RIT Shibboleth.

As of last week, RMC is completely open-source and available for cloning on GitHub. This is great because this means other people around the world can help maintain and support RMC. By making RMC open-source, anyone can look at the source code and offer changes/bug fixes. This move for an open source project is in hopes of inspiring a community to grow around the site.

Whether they want to offer code suggestions or add a review, we hope RMC is a project RIT students get behind.

As Cabrey said to us, “With this kind of system, what it comes down to is that the more data we get from people, the more it helps everyone.”

Co-Author: Jessica Abbott

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