Digital Den is RIT’s Apple authorized campus store. Looking for a laptop, the latest Apple Watch, earphones, a designer phonecase, a pop socket, a wireless charger, or a hard drive? Digital Den can hook you up with all of these and more. Almost any of your electronic needs can be met at Digital Den. However, Digital Den is no basic tech shop. Behind the Bricks talked with Ryan Gaynor, a Staff Sales Associate, about the Perks of Digital Den.

Does the store sell Apple products only?

“We are mainly an Apple Campus Store but we also sell Dell computers and we also sell other brands, and we can special order other brands especially other Windows computers.”

Because Digital Den is focused on meeting RIT student needs, the employees can recommend specific computers and other technology based on your college and major. Digital Den also has a list of products they sell on their website. Check out your various options before you go!

How would you describe Digital Den if someone asked you what it was?

“I would say that Digital Den is an Apple store and also the RIT digital store. Whether it be Apple products or other electronics, we offer a lot of things at discounted or educational pricing so it is a huge benefit for students or staff to come here rather than going to regular retail stores in the area. We also have promotions and we have a have a presence online. We try to post relevant things: whether it be for our store, or cool news stories and things on social media as well as on our website. Also, within the last year or two, we have been running workshops here. So say someone wants to come by and wants to learn about about the Apple Watch, we have a workshop coming up that is all about the Apple Watch. And one additional thing is that we have an Apple Campus Rep: she comes in and helps with our workshops. We do about an hour or hour and a half small class on how the product works and all the different product features.”

The educational discounts offered at Digital Den are hard to beat. On top of that, Digital Den’s workshops are both interesting and informative. To learn more about your Apple watch, attend the next Apple Watch Workshop on Thursday, October 26 from 5-6 pm.

What kind of events do you generally hold?

“We have events every now and then; we recently had an event for Student Appreciation Night. We have events around various holidays. For the events, sometimes we have free food and we have a giveaway for an Apple Watch or an iPad or something like that. We are trying to spread the word that we are here and get students interested.”

Is Digital Den open to the public or strictly for RIT students and staff?

“The store is generally open to the public but as far as Apple computers and iPads and things, we sell those only to the RIT faculty, staff, students, and retirees. A lot of the Apple products have educational discounts only available to them.”

On the Apple website, you cannot get the same educational deals that you can get at Digital Den. The educational discounts at Digital Den also apply when buying Apple Care. Additionally, Digital Den recently began their Encore Trade-In Service. If you’re looking to update your technology, you can sell your old devices to Digital Den and can use the money towards your next purchase! Check out the Digital Den website for an estimate on how much your electronics are worth.

Besides the store, what services do you offer?

“We work with an authorized Apple Service Provider. If anyone from the RIT community comes by, they can drop off their Apple computer here and someone will come pick it up and will do the work on it at their location. You can pay here, drop it off here, and fill out the paperwork here. We can also answer some questions about Apple products, especially if someone purchases them here, as well.”

Because Digital Den is an Apple authorized campus store, all the workers are Apple certified product specialists and technicians. This means the workers are extremely knowledgeable about all of the products and can recommend what is right for you. Additionally, if you are having issues with your Apple technology, the employees may be able to help you with the problem before you make an appointment with the Genius Bar.

What are the Single Incident, Gold, and Platinum plans?

“Those are the computer repair service plans. Enrolled students already have the Gold Plan, as part of their tuition. For the faculty and staff, they can come here and they can purchase the Gold Plan, they can purchase a Single Incident Service, or they can upgrade even further and can buy one that has other features. The Platinum Plan, for instance, has additional features such as advanced hardware replacement, more intensive diagnostics and trouble shooting and things like that.”

Check out the computer repair service plans on Digital Den’s website to discover the exact services you can take advantage of with the Gold Plan, as well as the advantages of upgrading to the Platinum Plan. To learn more, check out their breakdown here.

What do you believe are the biggest perks of digital den?

“We have really good pricing and we have the option to go through us for repair services.” Gaynor also encouraged us to check out Digital Den’s list, “10 Great Reasons to Buy From the RIT Digital Den”.

You don’t want to miss out on the amazing deals and perks Digital Den can offer RIT students, faculty and staff. Don’t forget, Digital Den is not directly on campus. Stop by the second floor of Barnes and Noble for any of your electronic needs. Follow Digital Den on Facebook for interesting technology focused news stories and updates about their new products, workshops, and events!

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