Everyday, RIT improves because of our students, faculty and staff

and we’re here to tell the story. Behind the Bricks uncovers campus life in a new way; bringing you a unique perspective of what’s happening on campus. We show you inside looks into new services, shine light on amazing Tigers, and keep you in the know of all things RIT.

Our team is run by students who are passionate about RIT culture; covering stories and sharing updates that matter to the community. With support from the Finance & Administration office, every Behind the Bricks member grows as a writer, photographer, videographer or wherever their talent lies. It is in that growth that our work becomes more than just a story, it becomes an adventure.


Louis is a Marketing major with a focus in Public Relations and Advertising. He is currently the social media community manager for Behind the Bricks and a Residential Advisor at RIT. Outside of him managing content for Behind the Bricks, Louis runs a series of social media accounts involving makeup and photography, and he also loves to travel.
Oscar Estrada is a fourth year Motion Picture Science student with a minor in Entrepreneurship, and immersion in French. His passion for video production goes back to high school, where he made his first short films. Oscar is interested in travel videography, capturing and showcasing the uniqueness of a given place and culture, and exploring how new technologies can improve the storytelling process.
Shayna is a Graphic Design major and is pursuing a minor in Advertising and PR. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Shayna binge watches Netflix and plays on the RIT Women’s Tennis Team.
Jayme is a Journalism major with a history minor in her junior year. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Jayme enjoys reading George R.R. Martin novels, watching classic 80's comedy films, and watching hockey.
Lea is an Industrial Design student with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Lea dedicates her time on campus to Cru, and she loves trying unusual ice cream flavors, swing dancing, and bullet journaling.
Karolina Berg is a  Graphic Design major, with a minor in Astronomy. Outside of shooting photography for Behind the Bricks, Karolina enjoys traveling, along with learning and speaking new languages.

Alexandra is a Fine Art Photography and Media Arts and Technology double major. Outside of shooting photography for Behind the Bricks, Alexandra likes gardening, caring for her chickens and dogs, cooking and preparing food.

Jacqueline is a New Media Marketing student, minoring in Psychology. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Jackie enjoys traveling and exploring new restaurants!

Social Media Community Manager:

  • Louis Albano


  • Oscar Estrada

Content Creators:

  • Lea Balcerzak
  • Jackie Colello
  • Jayme Cross
  • Shayna Ginster


  • Karolina Berg
  • Alexandra Malespín Diaz