Meet the team trying to change the way you discover music

What started as an in-class advertising assignment has turned into an idea that has the potential to shake up the way musicians and fans of music interact with fans and other musicians. A team of five RIT students from multiple disciplines are pitching Noted as a clean, fast and professional way of showing and discovering new content. This week, I was able to sit down with two of their members, Matt Garret and Jon Sellers, to talk about their project.

The main goal of Noted is to provide musicians with a place to show their best work and get feedback. Matt and Jon also hope that Noted will be used by musicians who are looking to start or join a band. Since the Noted team members are musicians, they have a unique perspective on how difficult it currently is for musicians to connect and collaborate with each other, especially when moving to a new area. Lastly, Matt and Jon want Noted to be used by fans who are looking for local shows that might not be heavily advertised. For example, someone traveling from New York to Florida could use Noted to find shows at places they’re passing through. The central goal of the site is to create an experience that brings musicians and fans together, regardless of skill level or musical background.


The Noted team aspires to separate themselves from other content discovery sites like ReverbNation by focusing on what they believe is most important: simplicity, speed and professionalism. Matt believes that current sites are slow, cluttered and impersonal, and I can’t say that I disagree with him. Many of these sites have been around for years, meaning they were coded and designed with aged standards. The Noted team is creating a site from the ground up, with modern coding and design standards in mind. The result will be a site that looks and feels slick. A key feature that may set Noted apart is the ability for aspiring musicians to find collaborate with other musicians using age and location filters. Think of Noted as being the “Tinder for Music”, where musicians will be able to get feedback from other musicians who don’t live too far away and aren’t too young or too old for the band.


The Noted team is quickly moving along in development of their website, which is currently in a closed beta. They plan to open the beta up to more musicians in mid-June. The service will first be rolled out to the Rochester area, with more areas planned as their user base grows. Matt and Jon mentioned they will also be creating mobile apps for Noted.


To keep up on Noted’s progress, check out their development blog and their Facebook page.

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