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In 2006, National Puppy Day was founded. Celebrations started to raise awareness of puppies in need of adoption. There are a lot of puppies that need to be rescued and need to be adopted from shelters. Dogs are great pets, and they deserve a lot of love.

How to Celebrate

Donate money or volunteer at Lollypop Farms
Lollypop Farms is a local animal shelter in Rochester, NY. Their organization does a great job pairing dogs with people that will take good care of them. However, they could always use more assistance. You can donate money or you can donate your time. They are always searching for volunteers to help out with the animals.

Adopt a puppy, of course

What better to do than to adopt a puppy on National Puppy Day. Before you head to a shelter, consider if you have enough time to for your little guy. College is a busy time, and although dog’s can sometimes help reduce stress, they can also add to your stress if you cannot manage the extra responsibility. Also consider the cost of having a dog. You will have to pay for food and medical bills at the very least. But, if you think you have the time, resources, and energy, then go for it!

Check out the Rescue Shelter Club
RIT has a club that is  “dedicated to donating time and resources to local animal shelters such as Scottsville Animal Shelter, Wooftown, Paws and Purrs Rescue, and Joyful Rescues.” As well as taking weekly trips to these locations, they also do various fundraisers for these organizations. If National Puppy Day has you inspired to help out, this is a great option for you.

Post a picture of your pup in RIT Swag to the Behind the Bricks Facebook or Instagram page
Check out the guidelines at the end of the article to learn how you can win some
FREE Behind the Bricks Swag!

Why to Consider Having a Adopting a Puppy in CollegeThere has been a lot of research on the effects of owning a dog in college. Various research studies show that dogs can reduce stress and anxiety levels in college students, and lower blood pressure almost immediately. Additionally, they found that the responsibilities of having a pet is not much different than responsibilities of classes in college.

Although puppies are a ton of responsibility, there are many benefits to having a dog in college. Dogs are great companions; you’ll never feel lonely or bored. They’re loyal and will always be there to support you, even through the stressful times of college. A lot of dogs have big personalities, they’ll always keep you entertained. Don’t think you’ll just be cooped up in your apartment taking care of your dog all day. In fact, having a dog can actually push you to be more active and sociable. A lot of dog owners make friends with other dog owners, because they have a lot in common. You can take your dog’s to different classes, and meet other people that are sharing the same responsibilities. Also, you have to take your dog out on walks, this will push you to exercise more.

Already have a pup? For a chance to win some Behind the Bricks swag, upload a pic of your pup wearing RIT gear to our Facebook page! Happy National Puppy Day!

National Puppy Day Giveaway Guidelines

**No purchase necessary to enter, and will not improve the chances of winning**

Eligibility: All RIT Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Students are eligible to participate.
Submissions: Submissions will be accepted from 10:00am March 22, 2018 until 11:59pm March 22, 2018. Only one submission per participant.
How to Submit: Instagram – tag our Instagram page (@ritbehindthebricks) in your photo or use the hashtag #btbpuppyday2018. Facebookpost your photo in the photo thread on the Behind the Bricks Facebook page E-mail – e-mail us your submissions at rit.socmed@gmail.com
Contest: After all submissions are received, the best six photos that are chosen by our team will go head to head on our Instagram page Friday, 3/23, at 9:00am. At 3:00pm voting will close. The photo with the most amount of likes will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, our senior manager will make the winning decision. The winner will be announced on our Instagram page and Facebook page Friday, 3/23, at 4pm.
Claiming Prize: In order to claim your prize you must be on RIT’s Henrietta Campus. The winner will be able to choose one (1) item from the various Behind the Bricks branded swag that is available.

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