Voting has ended and the Tigers have spoken! Farid Barquet and Bobby Moakley have been elected as next year’s Student Government President and Vice President respectively. I asked Farid and Bobby a few questions about themselves and their platform so you can get to know them a little better.

Student Government’s new president Farid is a 3rd year Biotech and Biomedical Sciences major from Mexico City. I asked Farid how he ended up all the way in Rochester, NY.

“I knew I wanted to major in Biotechnology, and I didn’t know of any schools that offered the program. I Googled ‘schools with Biotechnology programs’ and I found that RIT was the first school to offer Biotech as a major. I thought that was really cool, and after I came and visited campus I was convinced that this is where I wanted to be.”

Farid has a very busy schedule so naturally I was curious about what he does when he’s not working, in class, or studying.

“Taking a nap most likely. Or playing the piano in the Fireside lounge. If I’m at home, probably watching Friends.”

I think we all can relate.

Becoming SG President is a huge commitment and I had to know Farid’s reasoning for running.

“Having been a part of Student Government for the past two years, I have seen the impact that SG can actually have on this campus, and I want to continue the efforts that were started by the previous administrations. RIT has given me so much, and I want to give back by helping other students be as happy and successful as I have been in my time here.”

I’ve always wondered what somebody does after they find out that they’ve won an election. I  was a little surprised by Farid’s response. “I called my parents. And then I went home and took a nap. Campaigning week was incredibly stressful, and in the end I just wanted to relax before my new responsibilities started.”

But again, I think many of us can relate.

Next up is our SG Vice President, Bobby Moakley. Bobby is a 2nd year Environmental Science and Global Studies major from Boston, MA. I asked Bobby how he ended up at RIT.

“I ended up at RIT for two major reasons. The primary reason is that I loved the idea of having large deaf and hearing communities together on campus. Second, I knew I wanted to be an environmental scientist and I was fascinated not only with the program, but all of the sustainability efforts going on across campus.”

Bobby’s schedule is busy as well, but I was curious what he does when he’s got some free time. “Definitely out exploring the woods, hiking, taking pictures, or hanging out with friends.”

What was Bobby doing when he found out he and Farid had won the election?

“I was actually in Puerto Rico doing some research at the time of announcements. Once I found out (which was a few hours later due to spotty reception) I went for a hike in the rainforest and had a small celebration with my peers.”

How did Farid and Bobby end up as running mates? First, I asked Farid what drove him to choose Bobby as his Vice President.

“I met Bobby at the beginning of this academic year through SG. I immediately recognized his drive and ambition, and his willingness to help other students. He is very passionate about RIT and the community, and I knew that he would do amazing in any position he found himself in. Above everything else, I consider him a friend, and I know that our personalities will balance each other very well.”

Then, of course, I had to ask Bobby why he took Farid up on his offer.

“I took Farid up on his offer because I knew that he and I covered many areas of campus together. Combined, we have experience with SG, CLCE, admissions, Orientation, ASC, the Deaf, Greek, International, LGBTQ communities, and so much more. Because of this, I felt that we would be able to advocate for the RIT population in amazing ways.”

Farid and Bobby told me about their goals they plan to achieve in the next academic year as President and Vice President.

“Our platform revolves around forming connections between RIT students and different resources. Primarily, we will be focused on bringing the RIT and Rochester communities together. We think that life on campus has found a pretty good balance, but that most students haven’t really explored Rochester or the surrounding areas. There’s so much to do around here, from museums, to urban exploring, to events at other schools and great eating locations, we would like to see more students get off campus and take advantage of everything Rochester has to offer. This includes working closely with other schools’ Student Governments to form a more unified Rochester Student Community.”

If you’re looking for advice, who better to receive it from than your SG President and Vice President?

Farid’s advice for any RIT student: “Do not get discouraged if you don’t get what you want in the beginning. I lost every election for positions that I cared about before I won the Presidency. RIT has many different ways to get involved, so if one thing fails, look out for the next opportunity. And never say no to an opportunity because you think you are not ready, say yes and figure out how to do it later.”

Bobby’s advice: “Follow your own path! My biggest failures have always come out of trying to follow someone else’s path. When you identify an important goal, trust your best judgment and do what it takes for YOU to reach that goal. If you compare yourself to others or hold yourself to the expectations you have of others, you will disappoint yourself.”

Both Farid and Bobby mentioned they are extremely excited to begin their term and are very thankful for everyone who believed in them. You picked some great ones, Tigers!

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