My parents’ nationality is Honduran so I consider myself Honduran even though I was born here. My first language is Spanish, my second is English, and I’m learning ASL.

One of my family’s biggest customs is that for Christmas we don’t celebrate on the the 25th like most people in America. We celebrate on the 24th, and we start preparing on the 22nd. That’s when we start cooking the food and marinating it. We make sure the house is set up, because you’re supposed to clean the house to receive Jesus. So the whole day on the 24th we cook–we make traditional food called tamales, which is like corn dough wrapped in plantain leaf. Then we stay up until midnight and count down as if it’s New Year’s and then open our presents.

In my family we never have our doors closed. Family unity is such a huge thing that if you close your door it’s like you’re cutting off your family. We have them open so we can see each other and we can communicate. Now that I’m an RA I usually keep my dorm room open so I can see what’s going on and feel like I’m a part of the floor.

Katerin Salgado, 3rd Year Psychology Major with Pre Health, Residential Advisor

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