Didn’t make it to the club fair? Not a problem. You can join most clubs at any time of the year, just show up. With approximately 300 student-run clubs on campus, there is potential for any Tiger to find something they’re interested in.

Previously, theLink was the system used to manage all clubs, organizations, and events here on campus. Now, RIT has moved to a new system called Campus Groups, which has the same functions as it’s former system, but makes information more transparent and user friendly. You can also see thousands of upcoming club events, promote your own club events, register for events, reserve meeting spaces, and check into events.

If you can think of a club that doesn’t already exist at RIT, you can create your own. Starting your own club can simple, depending on the resources it may need. First, the Club Review Board will consider the idea you submit, you’ll have to fill out a couple forms, find an advisor, and recruit members. If all goes well, then you’ll be good to go!

If you don’t think clubs are for you, think again. Here are the top six benefits to joining a club at RIT:

1. Finding people with similar interests

  • If you feel like you’re just not clicking with anyone you’ve already met at RIT, or if you want to expand your squad, clubs are a great way to relate to others.  

2. Something to look forward to

  • If you’re getting tired of studying throughout the week and need a good mind break, a commitment to a club is a great way of prying you away from your desk once a week.  

3. Employers love clubs on resumes

  • When interviewing for jobs or internships, employers love your various interests to shine through. Professional clubs are especially impressive because they add to your experience with your profession.  

4. Trying something new

  • Everyone has had one activity they’ve always wanted to try, but never pursued. Clubs at RIT are the best way to do it! With a variety of options, there is bound to be something you’d like to try.

5. Pursuing old hobbies

  • Clubs are the best way to get back into activities you have lost touch with. They’re low pressure and can ease you back into your interests.

6. Making connections

  • Knowing the right people can get you places. Club advisors and fellows students can help you receive various opportunities you’re interested in.

Behind the Bricks interviewed both Liz Vosburgh, the Director of Student Relations on Student Government, and the College Activities Boards’ e-board regarding their thoughts on joining clubs at RIT:

Do you think it is important for students to get involved with clubs on campus? Why?

SG: “Yes! Being involved with clubs is a great way for students to meet people outside of their major and meet people with similar interests. When I was a new student at RIT, I was very nervous about making friends.  After getting involved with clubs my first few weeks, I met so many amazing people and realized I could be myself here.”

CAB: “Getting involved with events on campus can have a big impact on one’s life at RIT and maybe even impact the rest of your life. Someone could try something new, find a passion that they’ve never even considered, meet new friends, meet someone special, grow a professional network through an interest, show off a talent, or even just have fun and create a memory. Events and entertainment are the cultural foundation of a community; they can range from a small poetry slam to a large concert, a gathering of small alike groups to collaborate and make something great to a celebration of some current event happening at the time. Events make a community stronger and closer, so if that means RIT grows stronger and closer because of them, then everyone benefits.”

What do you think the main benefit to joining a club is?

SG: “Even though there are many benefits to joining clubs, I believe the main benefit is all the leadership opportunities clubs offer for students. Each club has so many different things to offer and many different leadership roles within it. I am involved in many different clubs on campus and each one has contributed to my leadership style and made me the leader I am today. The other main benefit to clubs is that you could be a leader in a club at any point in your college career. A new student could hold an E-board position by the end of their first year here which is an amazing opportunity and great for your resume.”

CAB: “Getting involved provides someone with the experience and opportunity they may have not gotten otherwise. In class, there may not be any chances for leadership on extended projects and often times there’s no opportunity to learn how to work with a consistent team. Organizations, clubs, and jobs all provide individuals with those chances as well as potentially providing individuals with valuable experience in their fields. If not your field, than a hobby that you can try to relate to your field or a development of your soft skills to become a T-shaped professional. Furthermore, the people you meet, adventures you take, events you run, and collaborations you work on generate a stronger community within RIT that you helped make happen.”

How would you like to see clubs progress and advance at RIT in future years?

SG: “Currently, there are over 300 clubs at RIT which is amazing. Each club offers so much and brings something different to the RIT community. In the future, I would like to see clubs grow and continue to be more inclusive.”

CAB: “The past decade, RIT has had major strides towards more involvement across campus, increased student spirit, and developed many new opportunities for students here to really strive. We can agree that RIT has been and still is on the best trajectory towards an even higher greatness through diversity, innovation, and collaboration. The community of staff, faculty, and students are all committed to helping RIT reach new heights while sticking to a student-centered focus and providing them with the proper tools to enter the professional world. Areas RIT would need to focus in the coming future would be mostly infrastructure related to supporting the rapid increase in involvement on campus. For example, considering adding performing spaces and gala spaces to campus, or a campus-wide system for publicizing events and activities. They may also utilize organizations opinions more when making campus decisions. Saying that, RIT is doing amazing things and it doesn’t seem to be reaching an impasse any time soon, so we’re excited.”

If you’re interested in frequent updates and information about various clubs and their upcoming events, like Clubs@RIT on Facebook. Remember, there are over 300 clubs on RIT’s campus. Do some digging and find your fit Tigers!  

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