As spring begins to roll around, our team here at Behind the Bricks encourages you to engage in spring cleaning! With endless consignment shops always looking for donations, it’s time to get rid of the things that have been sitting in the back of your closet for the past few months.

Donate to a Consignment Shop


If you take a short trip down Jefferson Road, you’ll find yourself passing Plato’s Closet, Amvets, Salvation Army, Savers, and plenty more consignment shops. These shops are eager to take in your used clothing and home goods. Depending on the style and quality of your used clothing, places like Plato’s Closet are even willing to pay you for your lightly used items. If you have clothing and home items that are sitting in a pile on the floor of your bedroom, drop them off at a local consignment shop, as someone else would be eager to have them!

Save Items for Goodbye Goodbuy!


As a new school year comes and goes, students here at Rochester Institute of Technology discard hundreds of items that could be used by someone else. Instead of throwing out your items, save them until the end of the school year, when donation bins for Goodbye Goodbuy! Start popping up around campus. Goodbye Goodbuy! is a campus initiative with a strong emphasis on decreasing waste.  Furniture, appliances, school supplies, art, clothing, and many more items are gathered and sold back to the Rochester Institute of Technology community for a steeply discounted price. And if you decide to volunteer, you get first dibs on the collected items!

Learn more at their webpage here!

Donate Food to RIT Foodshare


As college students, we typically find ourselves stocking up on canned and nonperishable food items. If you take a peak in the way back of your cupboard, I’m sure you’ll find canned goods that you haven’t touched in the past year. It’s time to put these untouched canned and nonperishable items to a good cause. Rochester Institute of Technology’s Food Share is located at 113 Kimball Drive (within the Riverknoll apartment area), and is always accepting donations. The program allows members of the RIT Community to pick up food items when in need. It’s a win-win situation! You can stay up-to-date by checking out RIT Foodshare’s Facebook page.

Clean your Space


Is your living space starting to look a bit dusty? In the hustle and bustle of everyday life here at Rochester Institute of Technology, we sometimes forget to clean up the area that we are living in. Whether it be your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to start fresh in a clean living area. Luckily, you won’t even have to leave campus to purchase cleaning supplies. Crossroads, the Global Village Market, and Sols Underground supply a wide range of cleaning supplies. From soaps, to sponges, to laundry detergent, they’ve got you covered for all of your spring cleaning needs!

We hope that you find some of these tips useful when you embark on your spring cleaning endeavors! Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start, so what better time is there to declutter and clean your space?

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