With the end of the academic year upon us, it’s important to take into account proper closing procedures if you live in Rochester Institute of Technology housing. While closing procedures do vary by living complex, our team here at Behind the Bricks has compiled a list of everything you should do before you leave for the summer.

Room Key Return

One of the most frequent closing mistakes students make is forgetting to return their apartment/suite/room keys. All Rochester Institute of Technology housing keys should be placed in a key return envelope, and returned to Housing Operations, located in Grace Watson Hall. For your convenience, there is a key return drop box located outside of the office doors that can be accessed 24/7. If your RIT assigned keys are not returned by the scheduled move out date of your housing complex, you will automatically get charged $50 a day, and $100 for a lock change. Mailing back your keys is not an option, as they will not be processed. So Tigers, avoid getting charged, and return your keys on time!

Mailbox Key Return

Mailbox key return varies by housing complex. For those living in Colony, Perkins, and Racquet Club, place your key in the key return envelope (as mentioned above), and return it to Housing Operations in Grace Watson Hall. If the office is closed, be sure to place the envelope in the drop box outside of the door. Students living in Global Village, University Commons, and the Greek Houses should return their mailbox key to the Global Village Post Office. Much like Housing Operations, keys can also be returned 24/7, using the mail key slot next to the service counter.

Mail Forwarding

If you are expecting an order or package to arrive at Rochester Institute of Technology after your departure from campus for the summer, be sure to fill in your forwarding address at rit.edu/fa/hub/forms.html. After going to the URL, click on “Address Forwarding” under Forms

Summer Storage

Another common mistake students make at the end of the year is forgetting that Rochester Institute of Technology does not provide summer storage. While you may have friends and fellow classmates staying in RIT housing for the summer, it is against policy to store your belongings in their housing complex. Please ensure that all of your belongings are taken off campus. Visit CampusCarriers.com of call (866) 739-0095 to assist is streamlining the move out process (supported by Rochester Institute of Technology Center for Residence Life).


Prior to your departure, it is imperative that you resolve any undocumented damages that may have occurred through the course of the academic year. Be sure to contact Housing Operations to receive an assessment of any damage, and to appropriately establish who should be charged in the living area. If damages remain unresolved, all members of the apartment/room will be billed equally. Maintenance requests can be filed online at myhousing.rit.edu, if there is a minor repair that can easily be taken care of.

Return living accommodations to Move-in Condition

Please leave your apartment/room/suite as it was when you first moved in. All trash should be taken out, unwanted items should not be left behind, and food should be removed. There will be dumpsters available in each complex to assist with the removal process. If you have unwanted furniture, clothing, etc., donating to Rochester Institute of Technology’s Goodbye, Goodbuy! move-out collection is a great idea. There are various item collection locations for students to donate their unwanted items. These items will then be sold for a discounted rate in the fall 2017 semester.


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