As part of a great annual tradition, the William Harris and Bevier galleries are currently jointly hosting the Faculty Exhibition. The faculty members from different disciplines within the RIT College of Imaging Arts and Sciences participate in this exhibition to display their most recent works. The works on display include paintings, printed media, sculptures, designs, photographs, crafts and almost every form included in CIAS curriculum. The exhibition was inaugurated on September 1 and will continue to be on display through September 25.

Sometimes, all we need is some inspiration and a confirmation that “different” is not only possible but also acceptable. That’s the beauty of art, every artist has an exclusive style and expression. Art will provide you with various perspectives and let you choose your direction. The Faculty Exhibition is intended to showcase the RIT faculty’s contribution to their field of expertise. It is, therefore, the best way to get an idea of what the faculty members at CIAS have to offer to their students.

Sometimes I feel that not being an art student can limit my imagination. However, during my many meetings with the RIT gallery coordinators and artists visiting RIT to display their work, I couldn’t help but notice a few things. The prime focus is always the viewer, what they want the viewer to feel and understand from their artwork. They strive to provide the user with a beautiful experience that will create a lasting impression. An Artists attempt to connect with somebody they may never meet in person, but may share similar ideas with. All of this can be experienced at the Faculty Exhibition and the advantage is that the artists are right here for you to meet and learn more about their experiences.

The Bevier gallery is located in Booth Hall and is primarily showcasing paintings, print media, sculptures, crafts, furniture, etc. William Harris Gallery, located in the Gannett Hall, is showcasing audio-visual displays, photographs, videos and installation artwork. Both the galleries are well-suited for respective installations and give you the right kind of space to divulge into the world of Art combined with Science.

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