So after multiple nights spent preparing your elevator speech and perfecting your resume, the career fair came and went faster than you ever thought it would. It’s all over and won’t happen again until fall. Now what do you do? I’ve put together a list of things I’ve done after talking to employers at past career fairs.

Follow Up

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times over the past few days from many different people, but it’s extremely important. During the career fair, I heard a few recruiters mention that they prefer you “bombard” them with emails and be persistent. It shows that you really want the job and are truly interested. Send them a follow up email as soon as you can! Within 24 hours is preferable since you might be fresh in the recruiter’s mind. If you mentioned something unique to the recruiter, put that in your email. It will help you stand out and make you more memorable!

I’ll admit, I sent an email to a recruiter that really liked me as soon as I got back from the career fair. I was very interested in the job and I wanted to make sure that was apparent.

The Career Services Office has also said that if you went to the career fair and forgot a specific recruiter’s name, the office has permission to share these names with students. They will be available Monday, March 6th and you can contact your career services coordinator or the career services office to get that information.

Update your LinkedIn

Of course, make sure your LinkedIn is updated! If you had your photo taken at the career fair, update that as soon as you receive it. Also, make sure your experience, skills, and major is up to date.

Update JobZone

Make sure you update JobZone too! Update your major, minor, GPA, and whether you’re seeking a full time job, part time job, or co-op. Be sure you have your most updated resume on JobZone as well.

I hope the career fair was successful and not too stressful! Happy job hunting, Tigers!

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