2 New Features for Tiger Center

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to use it yet, Tiger Center is a continuously evolving and refreshingly modern take on RIT’s enrollment process. Tiger Center allows you to do many of the same functions as the student info system, such as registering for classes, in a more intuitive and visually appealing way. It is an ongoing student-based project sponsored by ITS through the Student IT Office (SITO). SITO empowers students to use their specialties to create solutions for common problems in the RIT community.


Last week SITO added two new features to Tiger Center: a public version of the class search and a course catalog. Class search is a pre-existing feature within Tiger Center but now made public for a number of reasons:

  • Anyone can now look up classes or course catalogs without an RIT login
  • Previously only students had access to Tiger Center, but now faculty, advisors and other academic support offices can now use the Tiger Center class search to help students, prospective students and their parents
  • You can now search for classes even more quickly without the need to login

The second feature is course catalog, which will allow anyone (again a public feature) to look up any academic program’s course curriculum. It doesn’t just show the classes offered in a particular semester, it shows all the courses that could be offered by a department. This feature will help students and prospective students research future classes offered by RIT.


To explore Tiger Center and its full capabilities, visit https://tigercenter.rit.edu(RIT login needed).

For those interested in the public class search/course catalog., links are available at https://sis.rit.edu/.

For more information on SITO and their work, visit their website.

Tiger Center Keeps Evolving

The Student IT Office has been releasing updates to the Tiger Center app every month. What changes were released today?

Exam Schedule- With finals week impending, this addition couldn’t have come at a better time. Check your exams today and make sure you have time to make arrangements if any are overlapping.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.41.05 AM


My Academics- My Academics allows you to see your entire academic career and course history.

Academics_Page (1)


A New Logo- Tiger Center has a new face thanks to RIT Student JiSun Hong.

TC_Logo_page (1)


Give the new changes a look over and send SITO feedback. Remember; the more information they receive, the better the team can craft Tiger Center to meet your needs.

To read about all of the changes made during this release as well past releases, visit Tiger Center’s release notes page.

April Tiger Center Updates

The class shopping cart for Fall semester is open! If you haven’t already checked out Tiger Center, the app the Student IT Office created to compliment SIS, now’s the time. SITO just released updates today.


Developer Kenneth Reuter and Designer Zachary Davies let us know what this month’s update, named Cold Snap, will mean for students. Cue the drum roll…

You asked for it and SITO delivered- Tiger Center now features a GPA calculator. The calculator can be used to figure out your term AND cumulative GPA. Are you worried about how you’re faring this semester? Go type in the grades you expect to get and figure out where you stand.

What else does Cold Snap bring us? There’s a grades page! On this page, you can see your grades for any term and look at term statistics. These include your amount of credits and transfer credits. Persistent terms will mean you won’t need to change the term every time the page changes. You’ll also be able to use permission numbers to sign up for classes with restrictions.

Additionally, Davies and Reuter announced the launch of a release notes page. Now students can go and see what SITO is adding every month by going to the very bottom of the main menu.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on SITO’s additions to the app too, but don’t forget to give them feedback as they go. The team needs your help to keep improving Tiger Center. Set up your schedule today, test out the new features and let SITO know what you think.

Tiger Center

Summer class enrollment starts today, reminding us that some day all this snow will go away! It also makes it an opportune time to check out Tiger Center, an app created by the Student IT Office to compliment SIS.

Tiger Center has many of the same capabilities as SIS, but features a friendlier user interface. It was designed to look nicer, work faster and require fewer clicks.

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Using RIT’s Tiger Center

RIT’s Student IT Office has just created Tiger Center, an awesome, brand-new way to search for classes, enroll, drop, and add courses to your shopping cart. This is a site created for students, by students, and is therefore set up with great usability for any RIT student, but is very different than SIS, so may take some getting used to. Here is your guide to using RIT’s Tiger Center.

Get to the home page either by using the link on sis.rit.edu under Student Apps, or you can accessing the page directly from https://tigercenter.rit.edu/.

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