Zipcar: Wheels Without Strings

Need a car? RIT has partnered with Zipcar to bring self-service on-demand car sharing to campus. What is Zipcar? Beginning this semester, RIT will have two Zipcars on campus available for students, faculty and staff to use. Zipcar is a car sharing service that gives anyone 24/7 self-service access to vehicles that are parked nearby … Continue reading Zipcar: Wheels Without Strings

#HealthyTigers | Get Fit with Higi

Looking to motivate yourself to get fit? Trying to stay strong with your new year's resolution? In this edition of Healthy Tigers, we’ll guide you on how to use this new innovative wellness platform called Higi. What is Higi? Higi is a unique wellness platform that allows you to measure your biometrics and track your daily physical activity. Higi allows you … Continue reading #HealthyTigers | Get Fit with Higi

New RIT Buses Revealed

Last semester, RIT announced we will be switching from our longtime bus provider Regional Transit Service to First Transit. This means good things for the community, including branded buses, more flexibility and lower costs for the university. Director of Parking and Transportation Randy Vercauteren gave us a sneak peek at the just-released design mock-ups, as well as insight into the choice to … Continue reading New RIT Buses Revealed

Looking for Summer Adventures? Rent a Bike.

Are you looking for some adventure in Rochester this summer, something that is both exciting and healthy? Here is what we've got for you: RIT Bikeshare! RIT Bikeshare, as the name suggests, is a rental bike initiative created by RIT Student Government with the help of other administrative bodies like Center for Residence Life, Facilities Management and Parking … Continue reading Looking for Summer Adventures? Rent a Bike.