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Interview with Dave Edborg: Public Safety Patrol Major

Dave Edborg is a competitive deadlifter who competes in the World Association Benchpress and Deadlift Championships. He’s also a father, husband, world traveler, and a stalwart role model to all, a firm believer that everybody can work

Living at the RIT Inn

Have you been assigned to the RIT Inn next academic year? There’s probably a lot of thoughts running through your mind. What exactly will living at the Inn be like? I met with students who currently live

Zipcar: Wheels Without Strings

Need a car? RIT has partnered with Zipcar to bring self-service on-demand car sharing to campus.

#HealthyTigers | Get Fit with Higi

Looking to motivate yourself to get fit? Trying to stay strong with your new year’s resolution? In this edition of Healthy Tigers, we’ll guide you on how to use this new innovative wellness platform called Higi.

New RIT Buses Revealed

Last semester, RIT announced we will be switching from our longtime bus provider Regional Transit Service to First Transit. This means good things for the community, including branded buses, more flexibility and lower costs for the university. Director of Parking and Transportation Randy

Looking for Summer Adventures? Rent a Bike.

Are you looking for some adventure in Rochester this summer, something that is both exciting and healthy? Here is what we’ve got for you: RIT Bikeshare! RIT Bikeshare, as the name suggests, is a rental bike initiative

Brand Yourself this Summer

Doing well in school is only part of landing a job. In this competitive market, there will always be applicants who did similarly well, and you need to figure out how to communicate what makes you different. Get

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