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Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again where we push out the winter dust (and salt) and make way for the fresh air (and mud) of springtime here in Rochester! Out with the old and in with the

10 Inventions that Make Winter Wonderful

RIT is a school that prides itself in innovation, so much so that we have an entire building dedicated to the craft. Besides being known for its brilliant students, RIT (and Rochester, in general) is known for

Procrastination Station: Winter has Come

In this little corner of the internet, where we support all of your procrastination needs, we will help you to survive this cold weather slump for the last couple weeks of the semester until we are safely

Procrastination Station: Midterm Edition

It’s midterms week, which means that you really, really, really do not want to be doing any work. Let us help you to procrastinate here, where you can read some news and catch up on all of

Procrastination Station: Autumn in Coming

Who else can’t believe it’s been a month already? The leaves are changing, the temperature is cooling, and our desire to do work is definitely waning as winter approaches. But have no fear! Rather than falling into a

Procrastination Station: Happy Last Day!!!

Let the fanfare begin and bring out the marching band, because today is the last day of classes! Woo-hoo, celebration! Now let this celebration last for about 2 minutes before letting the panic settle in, because next

Procrastination Station: One More Week

We have exactly one more week left of classes, which means that we have about one more week of procrastination left before we have to start panicking about our impending finals and projects (*Dun dun dun!*) So,

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