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8 Ways To Manage Your Time Effectively

Visit the Academic Support Center If you find yourself having trouble with a particular course topic, and can’t seem to grasp the overall concept, a trip to the Academic Support Center (ASC) may be worthwhile. Rochester Institute

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

As spring begins to roll around, our team here at Behind the Bricks encourages you to engage in spring cleaning! With endless consignment shops always looking for donations, it’s time to get rid of the things that

11 Tips and Tricks to Saving Cash as an RIT Student

Saving money in college is something that doesn’t come easily. Textbooks, groceries, and other expenses quickly add up. To help you manage the costs of attending school, I have created a list of ways you can spend

New Semester, New You!

We’ve all been there. A new calendar year rolls around, and after a few weeks you’ve gotten sidetracked from the health and fitness resolutions you originally planned to achieve. Don’t worry, we’re only week three into the

Working My Butt Off

As a third year student, there are quite a few phrases you listen to on repeat. “It’s due today, but I haven’t started it yet.” “Why is it snowing in April?!?” “Where’s the free pizza?” But one

College Nutrition #HealthyTigers

One out of every 25 college students are estimated to have special dietary needs of some kind, and 60 percent of college students are “food insecure,” meaning they lack resources to obtain nutritious food. We’re notorious for

College Cooking — Corner Store Edition

Eating in college can be tough. After a while, you may want to mix it up from the dining halls, and dorm cooking is kind of limited. It doesn’t have to be dull, though, nor does it

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