Last year I moved from a warm place in the Caribbean called Santo Domingo to the cold world of Rochester. Although I had experienced cold weather before moving to Rochester, little did I know that winter here meant waking up to a 14 degree, white morning.

For me, everything started last fall, when the temperature started to drop and it felt like no matter how many layers of clothes I’d put on, it was never enough. It wasn’t until December kicked in that I realized I had to do some serious shopping. If you’ve never lived in a cold place before and have no idea what you’ll need, here’s a list of the clothes that can’t be missing in your wardrobe: 

1. Thermal pants and shirts:

After you start using them, you’ll feel the difference when you leave the house. Coats are great, but thermal underwear will save you from freezing, especially if you walk a lot across campus. They’re usually made from a cotton or cotton-polyester fabric, which makes you feel warm and comfortable even if you’re walking under the snow.

2. Cardigans:

You’ll need something beneath that huge coat to keep you even warmer. Cardigans are a really good option for this.

3. Coats:

A good coat is a necessity because it can protect you from wind, snow or rain. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath, if you put your coat on you’re prepared for anything! That’s usually the winter piece of clothing I rely on the most because I arrive to campus early morning and leave at night, so even if the weather is nice in the morning, you never know how things will be later on! If you want to show your RIT pride, I recommend you to visit Barnes & Noble and check out the clothes section. You’ll find some really warm coats there!


4. Jackets

Depending on how cold it is outside, you can use a jacket instead of a coat if you want to feel lighter.

5. Scarfs

Keep your neck warm! The wind is your worst enemy, so never underestimate the power of scarfs! You can use them to protect your face too while walking against the wind.

6. Gloves

Keeping your arms in your coat isn’t always enough. If you don’t protect your hands from the cold, your skin will get dry and uncomfortable.        

7. Snow Boots

This is one thing you will definitely need! Get a good pair of snow boots so your feet don’t get wet as well protect yourself from slipping on the ice.

8. Beanies and earmuffs


If you don’t like hooded coats or jackets, beanies and earmuffs are a good option for you to protect your head from the cold.

 As winter approaches, you will realize that when it comes to protecting yourself from the cold, the more the better! Now go and check your wardrobe and make sure you are prepared for winter land!

If have other tips about fighting the cold, make sure to let us know what we missed on the comments section.


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Written by: Ivonna Cabrera

Photo Credits: Ivonna Cabrera