The spring semester has officially started, and if you’re anything like myself, you aren’t quite prepared to conquer the semester…yet. No fear! Our bookstore at Barnes and Noble has everything we need. Here are the various ways that Barnes and Noble can help you come back to school:

Books: The bookstore has a wide array of textbooks that you may need for your classes. On the RIT Barnes and Noble website, you can type in the class you are taking, and it will tell you what materials you may need for that course. You don’t have to buy textbooks; you can rent them, purchase digital copies, and sell back your old ones to the store. The bookstore also will price match with Amazon,, and other local bookstores.

Winter Apparel: It’s going to be very cold walking to class. Stay warm with some RIT winter apparel. As of now, there is 25% off on all sweats and cold weather gear, so get shopping while this deal still lasts. Additionally if you download the bookstore app, you can get 25% off of one apparel item. Stock up on sweatshirts, jackets, and hats: you’ll be glad you did!

Supplies: There is a wide range of supplies at our campus bookstore. Purchase a mug for your morning coffee, or a water bottle to take to class. Stock up on binders, folders, and calculators in order to have everything you need to be organized in your classes. Get a fresh backpack to hold everything you need when you’re walking to class. Decorate your dorm with some school spirit swag. Or, get any makeup and skincare products you may need at the Clinique bar in the store. Basically, any supply you might need during your semester is probably offered at the bookstore.

Electronics: Located on the second floor of the Barnes and Noble, is our RIT tech store, Digital Den. There, you can find a lot of accessories you may be missing for your technology: cases, chargers, headphones, etc. Or, if you’re in desperate need of a technology upgrade before class starts, you can buy laptops, tablets, Apple Watches, and more. You can trade in your old smartphones, tablets, or MacBook’s to get a discount on your next purchase!

Hidden Homework Spot: Our RIT Barnes and Noble has a café. You’ll especially like it if you like Starbucks. But, if you’re simply looking to get off of our main campus, it is a nice alternative homework spot to sit down and get a head start on all the work you’ll have this semester.

Check out the Barnes and Noble @ RIT Facebook page for updates on the latest store promotions. Stock up on what you need and have a great semester, Tigers!

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