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Songs For the Journey

It is hardly a secret that Dr. Destler is a fan of folk music – His banjo collection approaches meme status in RIT culture and his 1973 album “September Sky” is regularly circulated through the student body.

The Ultimate RIT Bus System Guide

With temperatures as low as they are, you probably want to spend as little time walking to class as possible. This is especially true if you happen to live in relatively distant housing complexes such as Province

On the Air with Ed Trefzger

It’s Friday night and you’re driving around, playing radio in your car. As you flip between stations, you end up on that one station that usually plays a bunch of bands you have never heard of. But

Clayton and Thurston lead the way for RIT Women’s Hockey

It’s not easy being a collegiate athlete. You have to worry about practice, competition and class, and are expected to somehow excel at all of these things. There is also the issue of still having time for

Prepping for the 2016 Fall Concert

This November, the RIT Fall concert makes its triumphant return after a hiatus. RIT College Activities Board will be hosting rapper T-Pain Nov. 5 in the Gordon Field House. T-Pain is, of course, a well-known rapper. But

Bike Safety at RIT

Having a bike or skateboard on campus is one of the fastest ways to get to and from class, especially when you live in the apartments on the periphery of campus. You can move along much faster

The Ultimate RIT Tunnel Guide

Rochester gets cold during the winter. Bitterly cold. Once the snow starts falling and the temperature starts dropping, you begin questioning whether or not you want to go outside. Fortunately, RIT has an extensive tunnel system throughout

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