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Move-out Blues

It’s the last week of classes in the summer semester, so you know what that means: preparing for finals, finishing up projects, and – as if those weren’t stressful enough – moving out of wherever you were

Staying Focused

This is week 7, and classes are starting to get intense – especially if you’re taking any 10-week courses (props to you if you’ve done any 5-week ones, I was way too scared to try and squeeze

License Plate Recognition System

As you may have heard, RIT Parking and Transportation recently invested in License Plate Reader (LPR) technology to help manage parking at RIT. Since there have been a lot of questions about both the paid parking program

Rochester This Weekend

 Last week we gave a quick overview of all the fun things that will be happening here in Rochester in the summer so that you have a reason to venture out of Henrietta and explore. This week, we’ll

What Is There to Do in Rochester Over the Summer?

  If you’re a student staying at RIT or in Rochester over the summer, you’ve probably noticed that with most of the student body gone it’s pretty quiet on campus. Unless you’re planning on spending your whole

Heartbleed Update

There has been a lot of hype in the media about the Heartbleed Bug since its discovery a few weeks ago. I talked to Dave Pecora, the Manager of RIT’s ITS Command Center, about what exactly the

Heartbleed Bug? What is that, like, the flu?

As someone who knows next to nothing about programming or the inner workings of the Internet, I dismissed the Heartbleed bug when I first saw the buzz about it on the Internet. When I learned what it

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