Designing MAGIC Spell Studios

Earlier this month, RIT proudly released plans to build MAGIC Spell Studios, new space to nurture programs that “consciously and deliberately blur the lines between arts and the sciences, between technology and expression” through the MAGIC Center. This space promises to push the institute even further as a leader in the digital media industry and the community is … Continue reading Designing MAGIC Spell Studios

Tigers for Tigers at RIT

Today marks International Tiger Day, an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation efforts worldwide. The world has lost 97 percent of its wild tiger population in just over the past 100 years. RIT has joined the ranks of other colleges fighting this decline through involvement with the Tigers for Tigers Coalition (T4T), an organization … Continue reading Tigers for Tigers at RIT

New RIT Buses Revealed

Last semester, RIT announced we will be switching from our longtime bus provider Regional Transit Service to First Transit. This means good things for the community, including branded buses, more flexibility and lower costs for the university. Director of Parking and Transportation Randy Vercauteren gave us a sneak peek at the just-released design mock-ups, as well as insight into the choice to … Continue reading New RIT Buses Revealed

Gracie’s Menu Gets Revamped

The Gracie's menu is getting revamped, adding new health conscious and fun conscious options. Assistant Manager Aimee Mitchell sat down to give me the scoop on what you'll want to try. Healthy Changes Aimee was asked to work out a menu for Gracie’s that would meet the requirements of Partnership for a Better America (PHA)'s … Continue reading Gracie’s Menu Gets Revamped

Kathy Carcaci Reflects on Her 50th RIT Anniversary

Today marks Kathy Carcaci’s 50th anniversary with RIT. After having worked with five presidents and five VPs for Finance and Administration as well as seven Human Resources directors, Kathy now reflects on the evolution of the university and her career. “People say to me ‘How could you stay with the same employer?’ and I say ‘You know what? … Continue reading Kathy Carcaci Reflects on Her 50th RIT Anniversary