Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day here at Rochester Institute of Technology, and you don’t have a special someone to spend it with. Don’t fret, spend this February 14th loving yourself, and engaging in self care. We’ve put together a list of ways to engage in self-love this Valentine’s Day!

Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is one of the best ways to relax, and put your mind at ease. Practicing mindfulness can be done in a variety of ways. Whether you find a calm and quiet place on campus to sit and reflect, or lay down on your bed and think about life, mindfulness can be achieved by anyone!

Clean out your closet

Cleaning out your closet is an easy way to feel refreshed, and rejuvenated. While people constantly stress the importance about keeping your space clean, many forget that this includes your closet! For most of us, our closets act as a place where we throw stuff that we don’t know what to do with. Take today to clean yours out.

Treat yourself

If there is one day that you can justify treating yourself, it’s Valentine’s Day! Go get a massage, eat some chocolate, or binge-watch one of your favorite shows on Netflix. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do all of these things, so go ahead, and treat yourself!


Spend time with your friends

If you don’t have a special someone this Valentine’s Day, fill the day with other special people in your life. Friends are a great way to distract yourself from negative thoughts. So this Valentine’s Day, go out to eat or see a movie with some friends!

Bake something

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to bake something! What’re you craving? Brownies? Cupcakes? A cake? There are plenty of places here at RIT where you can buy ingredients. Visit Crossroads, the Corner Store, or the Market at Global Village to find everything you may need.


Light a candle (as long as you’re off campus!)

Lighting candles is perfect for aroma therapy, or for setting a calming ambiance in your immediate environment. Candles are a great way to de-stress, and unwind. Purchase candles at Shop One, located in the Global Village Plaza. Just make sure that if you light candles, you are not in on-campus housing!

Turn off social media

Turning off social media, for at least a day, can be extremely refreshing. It’s amazing how much time you save when you aren’t staring at a screen! Use the time you save reading a book instead.


Visit Henry’s

Henry’s is a dining location located on the fourth floor of Eastman. Many RIT students and faculty don’t even know that this dining location exists! Every Valentine’s Day Henry’s hosts a three-course festive meal, and the best part, they accept dining dollars! Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to indulge in a gourmet meal right here on campus.

Do something nice for another person/people

Doing something nice for another person can be done any day, at any time. Whether you volunteer somewhere on Valentine’s Day, buy a friend a cup of coffee, or compliment a stranger, you’ll immediately feel the gratification from being kind to another!

Get in a good workout

Want to know what will put you in a good mood? Releasing some endorphins at the Student Life Center! The SLC will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, so if you have time, swing by for a quick workout!


As Valentine’s Day approaches, don’t feel like you need a special someone to have an amazing day. Putting some time aside for yourself is extremely important to do everyday, but February 14th is the perfect excuse to try it out! Have a guilt-free day as you engage in your own self-love!

What NOT to do at the Career Fair

As the career fair grows closer and closer, many departments and colleges within our university have prepared you with exactly what to do while networking with potential employers. Well our team here at Behind the Bricks has taken a little bit of a different approach to this semester’s career fair prep. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you exactly what NOT to do this Wednesday, February 7!

Don’t stalk
Do you see your favorite company in the distance of the Gordon Field House? Do you see your favorite company’s recruiter heading to the restroom? Don’t follow them and try to give your 30-second elevator pitch over the hand dryer… it won’t work.

Don’t try and talk to every single company
The more companies you talk to, the more likely it is you’ll get a co-op right? No, wrong! Research a select few companies in which you are truly interested in potentially working for, and engage in a natural two-way conversation with the recruiter. The less rushed, the better!

Don’t cut in line
Do you see a sneaky way to get in the middle of a long line? No matter how sure you are that no one will notice, don’t try it!

Don’t wear white socks
Do you want to scream TACKY?

Don’t carry your backpack
You carry your backpack everyday throughout the course of the semester, there’s no need to bring it to the career fair. If you do not have a briefcase, bring a single folder of resumes, and you will be all set! Visit The Hub next to Artesano to get beautiful, inexpensive resumes printed!


Don’t ask the employer to borrow a pen
No matter how prepared you may seem for a particular co-op position, no recruiter will give you the time of day if you ask to borrow a pen. If you can’t be prepared at the career fair, how can you be prepared in a co-op position at their company?

Don’t force the employer to take your resume
When it’s your turn to speak to the recruiter, do not try to immediately give them your resume. It comes across as forceful, and will probably land in the “No’s” resume pile. Instead, try engaging in a thoughtful conversation, until the recruiter asks for your resume specifically.

Don’t keep your hands in your pockets for too long
Let’s put it this way…No one wants to shake a clammy hand.

Don’t leave a typo in your resume
Did you spend time printing out 30 (what you thought were) beautiful resumes? Well, if you find a minor typo an hour before the career fair, go fix the typo, and reprint! The first thing employers look at is your resume, and a simple typo indicates that you are not detail-oriented.

Don’t forget to believe in yourself!
Lastly, it is extremely important that you don’t forget to believe in yourself. Yes, there will be tons of students looking for co-ops, but remember to show the recruiter why you deserve that position. Keep a positive mindset, and bring your A game!



New Year, New You!

It’s officially 2018, Rochester Institute of Technology! Along with the new year comes new year resolutions. While some of us have set goals to study more and procrastinate less, some of us have set goals to be the healthiest version of ourselves in 2018. Our team here at Behind the Bricks is here to support your health goals, and provide you with a guide to help keep you on track!

Student Life Center

The Hale-Andrews Student Life Center (SLC) is available to all RIT students. The building offers a wide range of facilities, so everyone can find something they enjoy. While the Wiedman Fitness Center is packed with cardio machines, weight training equipment, and friendly staff to help you, going to the gym isn’t the only option for getting healthy. The Judson/Hale Aquatics Center hosts open swim times in which the RIT community is welcome to enjoy the lap pool, hot tub, and whirlpool. The Gordon Field House (attached the the SLC) has three large courts available for student use if prior reservations haven’t been made. You can rent various kinds of equipment from the cage for whatever you want to play! There are also racquetball courts, squash courts, outdoor tennis courts, and an outdoor turf available for use. Is it too cold for you to run the loop of campus outside? Don’t worry. The SLC has an elevated running track above the basketball courts for you to take advantage of! As you can see, there are countless options available to RIT students when it comes to getting active. Make your 2018 New Years Resolution to get up, and get active! For facility hours and more information, please visit the Hale-Andrews Student Life Center website.

Dining Services

When it comes to being healthy, the food you put into your body is just as important as getting active. RIT Dining Services offers healthy alternatives at all dining locations for students who have made being healthy their 2018 New Years resolution. Gracie’s offers “Simply Eats” which is allergen friendly, and gluten free. Aside from the meat, all other options are vegan. Moving onto Brick City Cafe (located in the Student Alumni Union), the salad bar located in the middle is always available to students. In the mornings it is filled with fresh fruit and yogurt options, and in the afternoon it is filled with endless salad toppings. After filling your container, just bring it to the cashier to be weighed. Crossroads (located in Global Village) offers pre-packed salads for students who are on the go, but still want a healthy option. The sub line also offers wheat options for all subs. Across the courtyard from Crossroads in Salsaritas. Now before you think, “How can you eat healthy at Salsaritas?” just remember that anything is possible! When ordering, skip the burrito and tortilla chips and opt for a salad. The base of your meal will be lettuce instead of rice, and you can pass on the cheese and sour cream. Voila! Now you have a healthy burrito bowl alternative. Lastly, many people don’t realize how much added sugar and calories are in many specialty coffee drinks. All coffee shops on campus offer almond milk and soy milk alternatives for those who do not want dairy.

Open Skate

One last way to get active this new year is by attending Public Open Skate and the Frank Ritter Ice Arena. It’s only $2.00 for RIT students to attend, and $3.00 to rent skates. Open Skate is the perfect place to grab some friends (from on or off RIT campus)  and have some fun, while being active! Check out for more information regarding pricing, hours, and rink location.

RIT offers all of the support you need to be healthy this year. From countless ways to get your body moving, and endless healthy alternatives at dining locations across campus, it’s up to you to make a healthy lifestyle change! Use the new year as an excuse to get back on track, and conquer your 2018 health goals!

Let’s Get Ready for Winter Break

It’s that time of the year. The weather grows colder, the holiday season approaches, and the study grind for finals begins. One thing to look forward to post-finals, is winter break. From December 20 to January 15, you’ll have no obligations, and some time to relax before the spring semester craziness begins. But before you head home, on vacation, or wherever you may be spending your break, it’s important to ensure that your dorm/apartment is prepared for your time off.

Housing Closing Procedures

Residence Halls

Residence Halls close on Wednesday, December 20, and all students must leave their rooms during the entirety of the break. For students planning on staying close to campus, don’t fret, rooms at the RIT Inn and Conference Center have been reserved for
you, just ask your RA for more info. If your roommate this semester is planning on moving out (or if they already have), it is important to ensure that your room is prepared for someone new to move in. This will consist of removing your personal belongings from their side of the room. In the hustle and bustle of finals week, many students forget to empty their garbage prior to leaving for winter break. We’re sure you can imagine how lovely the room will smell upon your arrival back to campus if you forget to do so! Aside from throwing out last minute trash, it is imperative that you close, lock, and pull down the shades on all of windows in your room. This will help prevent pipes from freezing. Just like your garbage, it’s just as important to remove all leftover food in your mini fridge prior to your departure from RIT. Lastly, don’t forget to unplug all electronics, and lock your door when you leave!


Just like the residence halls, on-campus apartments also need to be prepared for your absence during winter break. Aside from preparing for a new roommate, locking windows, taking out garbage, and moving unplugging all electronics, it is important to adjust your apartment’s temperature prior to your departure. Your heater should be set to automatic, and the room temperature should be set to at least 65 degrees. While adjusting your apartment’s temperature, be sure to leave the HVAC covers in place, and do not turn off the valves to the HVAC unit. With most campus apartments having multiple roommates in one unit, it is important that you create a comfortable living space to ensure new roommates are welcome.

Dining Services

All of the dining halls will close December 20th, 2017, and will re-open at the start of spring semester 2018. For a full list of hours and operation, please visit the RIT Dining Servies website. 

Good luck on finals, and have a wonderful winter break. See you next semester!

International Students Day at RIT

Did you know that today is International Students Day? With students from over 100 different countries all over the world, Rochester Institute of Technology is proud to be a part of the celebration! Held annually on November 17th, International Students Day was created to commemorate the cultural diversity present in universities across the globe. With about 2,500 international students at RIT’s Rochester, New York campus, it’s pretty clear that RIT places a strong emphasis on diversity, and proudly embraces multiculturalism.

With a variety of different countries represented here at RIT’s home campus, it’s sometimes easy to forget how many other students attend RIT in other areas of the world. With campuses in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Pristina, UAE, and Beijing, countless students are gaining a cultural experience from our university, while receiving an education that can’t be matched. For students studying abroad here in Rochester, New York, RIT provides multiple areas of support to ensure all international students have a smooth transition to life here in the United States. Well-being is a top priority, of course, both inside and outside of the classroom. With an intensive English language center, and advisors eager to ensure you have a great and memorable experience, studying abroad at RIT is made easy.

International Student Services  is an office designated to the overall success of international students here on campus. They not only provide support and answer any questions students have about immigration and adaptation, they also assist with any personal matters that may arise during students’ experiences abroad. Global Union is another resource available for international students to feel more at home whilst in Rochester. The Center for Religious Life (located in the Student Alumni Union) offers a safe area for prayer and services of all of the world’s major faiths.

If you are interested in becoming an international student yourself, studying abroad is the perfect experience for you. While students can study at any of RIT’s international locations, our university holds many partnerships with universities all over the world. With language barriers and credit transfers made easy, a stop in RIT’s Study Abroad Office can help with any questions you may have. Located above Salsarita’s in Global Village, stop on in!

National Techies Day

It’s National Techies Day, and since we go to Rochester Institute of Technology, we thought it was beyond appropriate to celebrate! As our campus is packed with countless technology majors, technology buildings, and technology computer programs; Information and Technology Services helps students, faculty, and staff on a daily basis.

What is Information Technology Services (ITS)?

Information and Technology Services’ mission is simple. They want to deliver quality services to members of the RIT Community, improve customer value through service management, and advance our institution’s vision. Not only will ITS provide users with solutions to their IT needs, but they will ensure it is customized to the specific situation at hand.

What services do they offer?

ITS is equipped to offer a variety of services to the RIT community. If you are in need of software assistance such as RIT computer account or Google applications troubleshooting, ITS is here to help. For more service listings, check out their website.

How do I contact ITS?

The ITS Service Desk is located in Frank E. Gannett Hall, room 1113 on the first floor. Open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and both weekend days from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. ITS Residential Networking (ResNet) is another Service Desk option available to RIT students. Another part of the campus-wide ITS organization, the office i located in Nathaniel Rochester Hall (NRH), room 1034. Lastly, ITS offers services in the Wallace Library at their walk-up help desk on the first floor when the fall and spring semesters are in session. If you are unable to stop by a service desk, ITS can be easily contacted at, or by phone at (585) 475-4357.

Can I work for ITS?

Are you a techie interested in working for ITS? Well, there are a variety of part-time and co-op positions available for students! As for part-time, ITS is currently filling positions for a Communication Specialist Assistant, Service Desk Representative, and Tech Services Technician. If you are interested in technology as well as engaging with campus life, the Communication Specialist Assistant position may be a good fit for you. If you are interested in more of the technology aspect of ITS, apply to be a Tech Services Technician! Interested in being even more than a part-time employee? Check out ITS’s current co-op positions listings, and apply!

RIT Global Day of Service 2017

Do you enjoy helping others? If so, you’re in luck. Every year, Rochester Institute of Technology hosts a Global Day of Service in which thousands of Tigers will be volunteering at over 40 locations all over the world. It all will be happening this week on Saturday, September 16, so be sure to mark your calendar. Hosted by the RIT Alumni Association, being part of this amazing day is made simple. Regardless of where you may be in the world, volunteering opportunities are available. Not only will you be having fun with fellow Tigers, you’ll be giving back to countless communities that truly appreciate your help. Check out how you can help this Saturday in Rochester;

George Eastman House (9:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.)
If you’re interested in both history and helping beautify the Rochester community, stop by George Eastman House on East Avenue this Saturday. George Eastman House is one of the world’s oldest photography museums, that once belonged to George Eastman, the founder of Eastman Kodak Company. Volunteering will include basic gardening around this National Historic Landmark.
Address: 900 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14607

George Eastman House

Foodlink (9:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.)

Foodlink on Mount Read Boulevard in Rochester ships their collected donations to organizations and individuals in need. Volunteering this Saturday will incorporate packing lunches for kids, sorting food, and categorizing labels.
Address: 199 Mount Read Boulevard Rochester, NY 14615


Ronald Mcdonald House  Sale (10:00 a.m.- 1:30 p.m.)

This Saturday, Ronald Mcdonald House will be hosting their largest fundraiser of the year. Known as the “Household Sale,” thisfundraising event’s proceeds are provided to families who are in need of housing whilst they are receiving healthcare in the Rochester area. This is a great fundraising effort if you are interested in directly impacting the Rochester community.
Address: 789 Elmgrove Road Rochester, NY 14624

Ronald McDonald House Sale 2016

Sonnenberg Gardens (9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.)

Lastly, if you’d like to help beautify the community, Sonnenberg Gardens will be having volunteers rake, mulch the grounds, and garden.
Address: 151 Charlotte Street Canandaigua, NY 14424

Sonnenberg Gardens

Regardless of where you are located in the world, and your interest in helping the community, there are countless ways to help this Saturday, September 16. Grab some friends, and get ready to meet fellow Tigers who are ready to help on RIT’s Global Day of Service! Check out their website for requirements, clothing suggestions, and more information at