Men’s Health Week

June is Men’s Health Month, and this week (6/12 – 6/18) is International Men’s Health Week! According to, one of the main goals of Men’s Health Week is, “to increase the physical and mental health of men so that they can live fuller and happier lives.”

In the spirit of that, here are some resources and places on campus that can help (any and all) Tigers stay healthy and fulfilled.

Student Life Center

RIT’s Hale-Andrews Student Life Center features any and all of the recreational, athletic, and wellness related resources you need. In the SLC you’ll find:

  • Five multi-purpose courts
  • Seven racquetball courts
  • Squash court
  • Two dance studios/fitness rooms
  • Mini-gym (basketball, volleyball, multi-purpose court)
  • Elevated 200-meter jogging track

And that’s not even everything! Adjacent to the SLC you’ll find the Judson/Hale Aquatics Center and the Wiedman Fitness Center.

Let’s talk about the Wiedman Fitness Center. This two-story 16,000 square foot gym features a full range of selectorized machines, free weights, cardiovascular equipment, and a large stretching area. As an RIT student, you have unlimited (within open hours of course) access to this incredible fitness center, so why not use it! If you’re not sure where to start, or have never been to a gym before, you can schedule an appointment with one of the Fitness Center Supervisors. You can learn more about this free service, as well as nutrition education, personal training, and other fitness services here.

Healthy Eating (and Drinking!)

You can work that core all you want dude, just remember… “abs are made in the kitchen.”

Eating healthy takes a bit of habit forming (or breaking), but will improve your health and overall well-being in the long run. Many people think that they’re all set with their health goals for the week because they hit the gym a couple times. Making sure to consume “good” food and drink is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What is “good” food?

Be sure you’re getting enough protein and fiber, eating lots of greens, consuming good fats (like avocado and olive oil), and limiting sugar intake. Empty carbs, like cookies and Doritos might make you feel happy, but they won’t benefit your health in any way (especially if you’re trying to lose weight)! Everything in moderation of course, it’s okay to enjoy yourself and satisfy your sweet tooth every once in awhile.

Plan out your trips to Wegmans (because what other grocery store is there?) ahead of time. Create a shopping list that includes broccoli and excludes Mountain Dew!

Plan your meals ahead of time too. It’ll make it easier to purchase healthier choices. You can also practice financial wellness at the grocery store and limit your spending! Make sure you check out the Market at Global Village for organic, local, ethnic, fair trade, and sustainable foods and beverages.

Another important note: don’t drink your calories. Soda and other sugary beverages contain large amounts of sugar and other unhealthy syrups in each bottle or can. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends no more than 6 teaspoons (25 grams) of added sugar per day for women and 9 teaspoons (38 grams) for men. An average can of Coke contains 7 teaspoons (35 grams) of added sugar. If you’re drinking a few sodas or other sugary drinks every day, try changing it up. Stick with water, milk or natural, no-sugar-added juices.

Mental Health

Taking care of your body is important, but never forget your mind. Mental health is an often overlooked part of wellness, and directly contributes to your success in college.

If you feel like you’re struggling with internal problems, or just need someone to talk to, be sure to find out more about Tigers Care. Housed in the Office of Student Affairs, Tigers Care is an RIT program that focuses on reaching out to those who are facing challenges and directs them to helpful resources on campus. It’s also about bringing people together through various programs and activities, to foster greater understanding and support.

College, if anything, is stressful. Effectively managing your stress goes hand in hand with a healthy diet and exercise. Working out can help take your mind off the massive test you have at the end of the week, and help to relieve some of that emotional strain from that girl who just won’t text you back. Most importantly, all work and no play only exacerbates stress levels. Take some time to treat yourself, relax, or hang out with friends. Everybody needs time to recuperate and socialize.

Keep your physical health in check and your mental health will follow!

RIT Wellness

As an RIT student, you are required to take a minimum of two wellness courses over the course of your education. The Center for Wellness Education is divided into 8 disciplines:

  1. Health & Wellness Seminars (WHWS)
  2. Dance (WDAN)
  3. Fitness (WFIT)
  4. Health & Life Support (WHLS)
  5. Recreation (WREC)
  6. Outdoor Education (WINT)
  7. Martial Arts (WMAR)
  8. ROTC (WMIL)

Within these 8 categories, RIT offers over 550 courses during the academic year! These include physical and exercise based courses like: Extreme Fitness, Functional Yoga and Indoor Cycling, to more mental and healthy lifestyle based courses like: Financial Fitness, Friends, Foes and Lovers, How to Become Smoke Free, and Stress Management. All of these courses can help you take steps towards a healthier lifestyle, and give you a baseline for your fitness and wellness goals.

Oh, don’t forget to try Swing Dance… and Ninja Training.

RIT Better Me

RIT’s Better Me program is a one-stop-shop for all your health related needs on campus. They offer various fitness programs and classes, nutrition counseling, and even cooking classes! The Better Me initiative is mainly focused on RIT faculty and staff. If you’re a staff member looking to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start, make sure to check out all that Better Me has to offer.


Tips & Tricks for Navigating the Career Fair


It’s that time of the semester again; the career fair is almost here! Hopefully you’ve spent the last few weeks preparing, getting your professional clothes ready, and making sure your resume is up to date.  Thankfully, RIT has many resources to help you with both the preparation and navigation of the career fair. Since it’s my last year here at RIT, I decided I’d give you a few tips and tricks to help you make the best of your career fair experience.

Career Clothing Open House

While the resume reviews and early check-ins took place last week and are not offered this week, I’m First is sponsoring a career clothing open house. It’s taking place today, Monday, in the Bamboo Room in the Campus Center from 2-4p.m. They will help you find professional clothing to wear for the career fair and interviews! If you have any questions, you can email


While you’re probably familiar with JobZone, you should know it also helps with preparing for the career fair. JobZone will tell you which companies are looking for your major during the career fair. Below are the steps.

  1. Click on Events.
  2. Click on Career fairs.
  3. Spring career fair 2017.
  4. Scroll down, select advanced search.
  5. Scroll down to majors recruited and select your major. Also select the arrow next to your major cluster to get a drop down menu, and then select your major there as well. You must do both to get a full list!

Keep in mind, some employers require you to submit your resume and research their company before they’ll even talk to you. Do your research on JobZone!

Career Fair+ App


In all honesty, this app saved my life at the career fair last semester! Why, you ask? First, I filtered employers by the type of jobs they were offering and by my major. For example, I searched “full-time” and “New Media Marketing.” Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Download the RIT Career Fair+ app.
  2. Select university wide Spring career fair.
  3. Select employers.
  4. Select filters (top right hand corner).
  5. Select your major as well as your academic cluster to get the most complete list.


It’s so simple and saved me so much time! But wait, I haven’t told you the best part yet. IT HAS A MAP! Navigating the career fair has never been easier. You simply mark your favorite employers (the ones you would like to talk to) and it shows you where they’re located on the map! You will be amazed at how much time this app will save you wandering around the career fair!

LinkedIn Photos

LIPhotosBefore you head over to the career fair, make sure to have your headshot taken if you need an updated one. It’s free and in the same building as the career fair. You can get your picture taken in the SLC racquetball courts from 10a.m. – 3p.m.


Don’t forget – the career fair is this Wednesday, March 1st from 10a.m. – 4p.m. in the Gordon Field House. The earlier you get there, the easier your life will be! Dress to impress and go get that job you’ve always wanted, Tigers!

Interview with Dave Edborg: Public Safety Patrol Major

Dave Edborg is a competitive deadlifter who competes in the World Association Benchpress and Deadlift Championships. He’s also a father, husband, world traveler, and a stalwart role model to all, a firm believer that everybody can work hard to be the best person they can be. But for his day job, he serves as the Public Safety Patrol Major here at RIT. I met him at Beanz to talk about his background, career and to get a behind the scenes look at Public Safety, focusing on the work they do to keep RIT’s students safe and the university running smoothly. He bought the coffee.

Edborg putting in work at the Weidman Fitness Center

A native of Jamestown, NY (about 75 miles southwest of Buffalo), Edborg now resides in West Irondequoit. Edborg, an RIT alum, studied criminal justice, minoring in security management, in the early ‘80s. “My professors, my colleagues, and other students have become lifelong friends. RIT was a terrific, terrific experience…,” he mulls it over for a second, “and it still is after 30 years!”

Edborg has spent most of his life in and around RIT, entering his 30th year of his Public Safety career. “I was hired right out of school, July of ‘84,” he recalls proudly. “Then I worked my way up to Sergeant. Then I was at a bank, in the corporate security division, for three years. My job was eliminated and I came back here [to RIT].” Thirty years is quite a long time, but Edborg wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. He also travels to RIT’s international campuses in Dubai and Croatia to assist with security protocols.

Edborg was a recipient of the Life Saving Award from the Northeast Colleges and Universities Security Association in 1998. Curious, I asked him if he could retell the story, a question he’s surely received many times before.

“We [Public Safety] got a call one night. I was the officer in charge at the time. The call was from a custodian about a fire in one of the upper floors of Ellingson Hall. I got there and I can remember smoke coming out from underneath a door. So I went in, and there was a Deaf girl who was sound asleep, and her bed was on fire. I’ll never forget it. Now, I had to get her out of there. She was laying down, and I scooped her up and went outside. She’s flailing and screaming and she’d burned her foot a little.” He explains, “So why’d that happen? She had rigged an alarm system which was strobing, and it used her lamp. Her lamp had fallen onto her bed, and she was sleeping while the bed was fully engulfed in flames. I got her out of there, got a blanket on her, ambulance, the whole thing. So that was what that was about. Through my time at RIT we’ve had a lot of people [Public Safety officers] here that have done a lot of things that have saved people’s lives.”

Edborg has been heavily involved in the RIT community in capacities outside his day job throughout his time here as well. “I was a coach for Partnerships in Pluralism for many years. I was the Chair of Staff Council for several years as well and currently I am an advisor for the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.”

“I’m often asked, ‘When are you going to retire?’. Retire?! I don’t anticipate… that’s not even in my vernacular. Both my kids are out of the house, my wife’s a schoolteacher. Retire?! I love what I do. There’s nothing better than working with young people, helping them get through things and working with professional colleagues. I want to be able to say that I affected a lot of people’s lives. That’s what I want to hang my head on. ‘What did Dave do? Well, he did this and this, but you know what? He really helped me, guided me, cared.’ You treat people like they’re your own children. Retirement’s not on my radar.”

A solid sentiment from a man who dedicates his life’s work to guiding young adults, and aiding them to become the best people they can be.


When he’s not helping people as Public Safety Patrol Major, Edborg has been setting and breaking records in deadlifting. He currently holds four NY state records, competing in the men’s open 57-60 category, and the open Law Enforcement/Fire 56-60 category for the World Association Benchpress and Deadlift Championships. “I started back in the early ‘80s, back when I was a student here, and I grew into the competitions and competed nationally but in ‘91 I stopped. I got back into it four or five years ago for health reasons, thinking, ‘I could get back into this [lifting].’ So I put my mind to it and I lost about 40 pounds, and I’ve been competing nationally again for about three years now. And I’m proudly representing RIT.”

Ever the tight knit community, RIT fully supports Edborg with his passion. “Even in the gym, a lot of students will help me out with my workouts. I’ve found my thing, and I’m going to continue to do it… as long as I stay healthy.” At the end of August, Edborg will be traveling to Helsinki, Finland to compete against lifters in the European Cup. He will make connections and represent RIT internationally, all of which he excels at. Tiger pride runs deep.

Health Tips and Advice for Students

We began to talk about healthy living, citing the amount of resolution needed by gym-goers currently working on bettering themselves. “Lifestyle changes. This is going to sound like mom and dad talking,” he prefaces, “but sleep is important. A good diet, with not a lot of processed foods. Stretching ahead of a workout to prevent injury. You’ve got to be smart, listen to your body! Having a plan is really important. When you go into the gym, and there’s seven people waiting for every machine you get discouraged. And when you get discouraged, what do you do? You leave.” He lays out the ideal format for gym goers. Have your set of exercises listed somewhere, know what you want to do at the gym that day, and begin to form a weekly routine. Eventually, you will build good habits, and you’ll be able to hit the gym and get in a compact and results-oriented workout.

Main takeaway? “Eat those good, healthy foods, take vitamins, drink a lot of water, and get plenty of sleep.”

Public Safety

“What falls under my umbrella is the patrol; the uniform staff. That’s training, vehicles, dignitary visits and special events, whether it’s a D1 hockey game or a concert.” He lists names of celebrities and other figures that he’s taken care of while they visited RIT’s campus, including names like Jesse Jackson, Dick Cheney and Kanye West, just to name a few. “Managing these special events, these dignitary visits… planning that is my forte,” he tells me. “It takes many hands to plan a single event and our team at Public Safety is second to none!” That’s no small task, knowing how large RIT’s campus is, not to mention the population residing at RIT’s campus on any given day.

Public Safety’s main goal is to keep students safe, and guide them in the right direction if need be. Edborg made sure to clarify that. “That’s what we’re here for. Student success. We have an open door policy. I tell people that if they need anything, you come and see any public safety representative for assistance. We’re happy to help.”

Dave Edborg lives and breathes RIT. His dedication to his staff, the students and faculty is apparent as soon as you talk to him. He loves what he does and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

“I feel honored to be able to say that this is what I do, especially when I’m surrounded by top notch colleagues in Public Safety and the university.”


Ask Destler Recap

Wednesday, Feb. 22, was the first Ask Destler broadcast of the semester! RIT President Bill Destler visited WITR 89.7’s Studio X in the Student Alumni Union to update listeners on current events in and around the university. Eric Lee, the interviewer and Programming Director of WITR, asked questions of his own as well as those sent in from students and the community. Topics covered included the president’s recent folk concert and his love of music, the new RIT president, government policies affecting international students, and sustainability initiatives among other things. Check out some highlights below!

President Destler in WITR's Studio X
President Destler in WITR’s Studio X

Songs for the Journey

Dr. Destler recently performed a free folk concert for the student body in Ingle Auditorium. The concert was a hit, and some attendees waited in line for close to two hours. He performed original compositions that he has written over the years. “The students treated me like a rock star, the place was packed. They cheered everything I did, including all my mistakes; they thought they were funny,” Dr. Destler recants. “They [the attendees] were just wonderful and it was a great time. Rebecca loved it as well.”

On RIT’s Upcoming President: Dr. David C. Munson

The new president of RIT has been a hot topic of conversation ever since his announcement back in January. “I think he brings a lot of really valuable experience to the game so I couldn’t be more pleased,” Dr. Destler remarked. “He’s a very interesting guy, he’s multifaceted. He’s not only interested in engineering, as he’s a distinguished engineer, but he’s also interested in the performing arts and has been thinking of ways we could do more of that here. I think he’ll take what’s great about RIT already and make it better, and introduce some new elements as well.”

Government Policies Affecting International Students

“I’ve been very reluctant to take public positions on issues in which there exists some kind of partisan divide. Nevertheless, there are some principles which I think are important to higher education, like providing a safe space for our international students,” Dr. Destler explains. “We have an obligation to those international students already on our campus to try to make sure they’re informed, that they feel supported and that they don’t make mistakes as this whole thing unfolds.”

RIT Sustainability

Recently, RIT was awarded $14 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to work on sustainable manufacturing initiatives and generally implement green practices. Over the course of his presidency, Dr. Destler has taken massive steps to make RIT a sustainable and efficient campus. “We’ve still got lots of things to improve,” Dr. Destler explains, citing his dissatisfaction with dining waste disposal on account of budgetary limitations. “We have a second two megawatt solar array coming in soon. Another six acres of solar cells. That’ll give us one of the very biggest solar farms of any university in the state. So I think we’re making good progress, but there’s always plenty to do.” Over the last 10 years of Dr. Destler’s presidency, RIT has built 17 new buildings. “We are now consuming a little less energy than we were when I came here. That’s an enormous achievement.”


If you missed this first Ask Destler broadcast, fret not! There will be another opportunity to tune in later in the semester.

Interview With Autumn Geer, Chef De Cuisine at Brick City Catering

Autumn Geer, Chef De Cuisine at Brick City Catering, plays a pivotal role at RIT and will be putting her skills to the test this weekend at the annual New York Ice Wine and Culinary Festival, which takes place this Saturday, Feb. 11, at Casa Larga Vineyards. She recently sat down with me to talk about her role in the festival, career path, and what it’s like leading preparing incredible daily food with the Brick City Catering team.

GeerGeer was born and raised here in Rochester, growing up in the food industry little by little. Her journey into the field of cooking began with baking, before being hired as a temp at RIT in the summer of 2004. “That November, I got hired full-time running the deli and bakery, upstairs in the Cafe,” she recalls, “and at that time they were one unit. From there I just showed what I could do and continued to learn, eventually becoming the Sous Chef. About two and a half years ago I stepped into my role as Chef De Cuisine.”

Today Geer works with a team of dedicated students and full time employees. She says that when she was hired she “got to pick and choose my team and build it from the ground up. I’m really proud of how far we’ve come. At this point, I think we have about 10 – 12 student staff and 5 full-timers working underneath me.” Geer and her team work hard to put forth the best quality food possible, whether they’re prepping for the lunch rush, or catering a high-profile event. “We’ve really blossomed into this big, happy family,” she adds. “We spend a lot of time together. Our student employees love to work just as hard as we do, they drive off our passions, and my full-time staff– they’re just absolutely amazing, I couldn’t do any of this without them.”

When asked how to describe a typical day at Brick City Catering, she jokes, “Day by day?” Geer and her team are charged with the monumental task of cooking for an entire campus of students and faculty, while also providing catering services around RIT (faculty/staff lunches at the Gene Polisseni Center: LINK) and events around Rochester. “Because we do mass production, we always have to plan a few days out. Today’s Wednesday, right now we’re prepping through Thursday and into Friday. Tomorrow we’ll continue through the rest of the weekend,” she explains. “I come in every morning and go over the prep list with the staff, compare it with the production book. They’re pretty self-sufficient in that aspect, and they just work off that.” Geer is always on call, even when she’s off campus, citing a recent doctor’s appointment where she happily took several work calls. “They’ll call and ask me any questions that are necessary while I’m, say, working with the sales department, planning out long-term projects, or working with my two sous chefs directly on VIP menus and monitoring what’s going on upstairs [Brick City Cafe] at the same time.”

The New York Ice Wine & Culinary Festival

The annual New York Ice Wine & Culinary Festival will be held at Casa Larga Vineyards in Fairport this Saturday from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Geer has been in charge of catering this event for the past five years, crafting a menu of unique, ice wine infused dishes for the many attendees each year. “It was probably around five years ago, they gave me a call and sort of dropped this whole thing on our plate,” she recalls. “It was right before Christmas break. We took those 10 days to break it down and see if it was something we could do. Realistically what they asked us to create, and these are all custom dishes, was one dessert, which is pretty normal for ice wine, as it is a dessert wine,” she explains. “We started off with five savory dishes which, is where the challenge came into play. There’s a high sugar content in ice wine, and the chemistry doesn’t really work with certain flavors.”

Casa Larga Vineyards

Creating an innovative menu centralized around one ingredient, in this case ice wine, is no easy task, especially when the vineyard includes no kitchen, just “one oven on a loading dock, and some tables.” This showcases Geer and her team’s ability to “make it work” with what they are given when out in the field catering events.

“Basically I’ll look at the ice wine and then, let’s say, what cheeses pair with it. Or what meats could use something sweet to bring them to the next level.”

Balancing flavors is an integral part of cooking, and since ice wine is naturally very sugary, she will substitute it as the sweet component for most of the dishes. “The vinaigrette I’m making calls for sugar, but instead of putting the sugar in, I’ll sub that out for ice wine. Using your basic knowledge of foods, and what you know about them, you just try to pair them with something that makes sense.” She lists some examples of previous dishes for reference: “I made a ketchup one year to go over a cheeseburger slider. We did mango chipotle ice wine barbecue sauce to go over some pulled chicken, so you just try to balance your flavors.”

What’s New This Year?

A new menu must be made for the festival each year, and Geer keeps up with current food trends when crafting each dish. “Banh Mis are a big trend currently, so I showcased that this year. I used duck for them, and people are usually scared of duck, but in this type of atmosphere it really gives you an opportunity to showcase things that people are scared of eating, and make them like it.” Geer gives festival attendees an opportunity to “face their fears” and indulge in different foods they normally wouldn’t try otherwise.

You can buy tickets for the New York Ice Wine & Culinary Festival here. Be sure to come out and enjoy expertly-curated food provided by RIT’s Brick City Catering, drink NY ice wine and much more!

Valentine’s Day at RIT

Uh oh, it’s almost Feb. 14 and you’d better start working on those Valentine’s Day plans if you haven’t already. Fortunately, there are a lot of Valentine’s Day gifts and events available at RIT to help you make your significant other feel special. Keep these ideas in mind as you plan for Valentine’s Day:

How to Survive Valentine’s Day 101

Not sure where to start? Come join a couple of RAs from Helen Fish Hall Thursday, Feb. 9, from 7 – 9 p.m., as they share their survival tips on how to make it through Valentine’s Day. Play games, eat some snacks, make cards for your friends and get advice about healthy relationships!

V Day 101

Shop One2 Sale

Shop One2 is holding their Spread the Love sale (15% off jewelry) throughout the month of February. Head over to Global Village to grab gifts crafted by local and RIT-affiliated artists.


Order Roses from the RIT Softball Team

Preorders are open for the RIT Softball Team’s Valentine’s Flower Sale! Enjoy the convenience of campus pickup or office delivery, with better pricing than online or retail florists, all while supporting the RIT Softball Team. Pick up your orders on Feb. 13 or 14th in the Wallace Library lobby between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. or have them delivered right to your office Tuesday, Feb. 14, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.!


Stock Up on Candy and Sweets

Need to stock up on V Day sweets? RIT Dining Services has got you covered. Between Bytes on the Run and Artesano’s Bakery and Café, all the sweets you or your significant other could possibly indulge in are located conveniently in Monroe Hall!

Job #3413 for Amanda Kelley Artesano SAU


Valentine’s For Vets

Come out to the NRH fourth floor lounge Friday, Feb. 10, at 5 p.m. to make Valentine’s Day cards for local veterans through the Veterans Outpatient Clinic. This is a great way to get involved with the community and give back to our veterans.


Henry’s Valentine’s Day Dinner

Henry’s is RIT’s fully functional, student-run and developed restaurant located on the fourth floor of Eastman Hall. It’s only open a few times a year, so you won’t want to miss out on their Valentine’s Day Dinner Friday, Feb. 10, from 5 – 10 p.m. Reservations are required. Follow the link below for reservation info and a menu!


Valentine’s DIY Gift Making

If you want to be somebody’s Valentine and you’re the DIY type, come to Beanz and join CAB Saturday, Feb. 11, at 4 p.m. to create your own Valentine’s gifts with candy, flowers! If your friends or love interest live in the dorms, ResLife can help deliver your gift right to their door.


The Rocky Horror Valentine’s Show

Saturday, Feb. 11, from 8:30 to 11:45 p.m., come out to Gosnell 1250 to see a traditional viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, accompanied by a group of students performing a live re-enactment of this cult classic. Tickets are $5 at the door.


AIAS Bake Sale

Need to indulge your sweet tooth some more? You can do just that, all while supporting the American Institute of Architecture Students! Monday, Feb. 13, at 11 a.m., come to the Golisano Institute for Sustainability lobby for the AISA Valentine’s Day Bake Sale. Proceeds of this bake sale will support AIAS membership attendance at the AIAS Northeast Quad Conference MOSAIC in Toronto, ON.


Valentine’s at The Commons

Feb. 14 starting at 4:30, join RIT Dining Services for a special Valentine’s Day meal of filet mignon and lobster tails at The Commons. Nothing says love like surf ‘n turf!


There’s lots of things to do around RIT if you need last minute gifts or plans for Valentine’s Day! We hope that this list served up some inspiration and helped to relieve some of that V Day stress.

What happened around RIT while you were gone?

We hope that you are ready to hit the ground running after a relaxing and fun-filled break. A lot has happened at RIT since the end of the fall semester, and here are some of the major highlights as well as information about a few upcoming events.

RIT’s 10th President

Earlier today, RIT announced that the 10th president of the school will be revealed at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 25 in the Gordon Field House! This is an exciting new chapter for the school after a lengthy search for the right candidate, and is sure to be a historic event. The entire RIT community is invited to attend, and if you aren’t able to physically be there, you can stream the event live at

For more information visit:

Expressions of King’s Legacy 2017 Lineup Announced

For 35 years, Expressions of King’s Legacy has brought renowned, powerful speakers to RIT and initiated important conversations on race and diversity. This year’s event will be held from noon to 2 p.m., Thursday Jan. 26, in the Gordon Field House. The program will welcome Fredricka Whitfield, weekend anchor of CNN newsroom and this year’s keynote speaker.

Serving on the U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, Judge Robert L. Wilkins will be discussing his book, “Long Road to Hard Truth: The 100-year mission to create the National Museum of African American History and Culture.”

Musical guests are the Fisk Jubilee Singers, who will be holding a performance on campus later in the afternoon, as well as a performance at the Third Presbyterian Church at 7 p.m.

More info on the event can be found here:

RIT Receives Big Federal Money

It seemed like RIT was constantly in the headlines over the break for being awarded large sums of money for research and new initiatives. Here are some of the highlights:

    • Rochester Institute of Technology has been chosen to lead the REMADE Institute in developing clean-energy initiatives, partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy. REMADE stands for “Reducing Embodied-Energy and Decreasing Emissions,” and RIT’s Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS) will play a key role in achieving sustainable innovations. The initiative is partially being funded by $70 million in federal money over the course of five years. Click the picture below for more information.



  • It’s Time: Ex-Out Extremism
    • RIT has received a $149,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This grant will help continue the work of RIT students, who developed the social media campaign: It’s Time: Ex-Out Extremism. Utilizing the hashtag #ExOut and a signature hand gesture (making an X with your forefingers), the team of students aim to highlight misconceptions about Islam and differentiate it from extremism. In June, the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Education and Cultural Affairs hosted the Peer to Peer Challenging Extremism initiative, in which Ex-Out won first place. Click the picture below for more information.


  • NSF Grant to Transform Physics Graduate Education
    • RIT professor Casey Miller has won funding from the National Science Foundation to develop a more inclusive approach to physics graduate education admission. Miller, the director of RIT’s materials science and engineering graduate program, was awarded a $428,022 NSF grant and is collaborating with the American Physical Society to increase diversity and physics Ph.D. retention rates among women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans. Click the picture below for more information.


RIT Tigers Hockey Prepares for the Final Stretch


RIT Mens Hockey currently sits at a record of 10-14-1 (W-L-T) on a 3 game losing streak. In the new year, the Tigers faced Sacred Heart University at home twice, winning the first game 3-1 and losing the second, 1-5. Tigers faced off against American International College for two away games in Springfield, Mass. They won 5-0 and saw a loss the next day, coming in at 3-5. Against Canisius College at home, Tigers lost 1-3. Away in Buffalo the next night, Tigers tasted defeat once again ending with a score of 1-6. There are only nine games left this season! Be sure to come out and support RIT Mens Hockey on Friday, Jan. 27 and Saturday the 28th at 7:05 p.m. as the Tigers take on Bentley University at home in the Gene Polisseni Center.


RIT Womens Hockey currently hold a record of 4-20-2 (W-L-T). During intersession, womens hockey faced Mercyhurst University away in Erie, PA, losing the first match 2-5, but coming back with a win the next day at 4-0. Against Penn State University away in University Park, PA, the Tigers lost 0-3 but came back to tie it up 4-4 the next day. Come out and support RIT Womens Hockey on Friday, Jan. 27 and Saturday, the 28th at 2:05 p.m. as they take on Lindenwood University in the Gene Polisseni Center.

Construction Around Campus


If you were confused about what all the construction was for over in Booth, wonder no more. The entrance just before the causeway adjacent to Gannett recently received a makeover, with a beautiful metal sculpture flowering over the stairway.

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Global Village

Global Village, RIT’s state-of-the-art global living community is receiving an upgrade. An additional residential building is currently in the midst of construction, and will provide more suites and offices on campus.

California Dreaming with RIT

RIT continues to look westward, and through a partnership with Juniper Networks, the university will begin offering a limited series of workshops and lectures out in Silicon Valley starting this spring. According to Jeremy Haefner, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, faculty from RIT’s computing security department will offer Cybersecurity workshops geared to RIT alumni and industry partners at the Juniper campus in Sunnyvale, CA.juniper_rgb_blue_1800x600