For those of you who may not be familiar with Andy, I have put together some information that might help you get excited for Spring Fest. For those of you who do know who Andy is, keep reading!

Andy Grammer is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. His first self-titled debut album was released in 2011 and had the hit singles “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine by Me”. His second album, Magazines or Novels, was released in 2014, with “Back Home” as the first single. Listen here! The album’s second single, “Honey I’m Good”, is his most successful song to date, ending up at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100.

On the new album, Grammer says, “My ultimate goal is to try to be real. It just so happens that I’m usually more happy than sad when I’m writing. And in general I think that life is pretty great, and it’s cool to be here, so that comes through in my music. I don’t have a dismal outlook, but I don’t aim to make positive music. It’s just what I am.”

Here’s some songs you may know by Andy:

  • Keep Your Head Up (2011)
  • Fine by Me (2011)
  • Honey, I’m Good (2014)
  • Good to be Alive (Hallelujah) (2015)
  • Fresh Eyes (2016)

On his influences, Grammer says, “I have three different places that I draw inspiration from. There’s the guitar guys like Jason Mraz, John Mayer and Jack Johnson; piano influences like Coldplay, The Fray and OneRepublic. I also really love how hip-hop creates complexity in words. I love Common, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z and Kanye West.”

Here are some of Andy Grammer’s performances:

Thanksgiving Halftime Performance in Detroit, 11/24/16:

(fast forward to 2:30)

Dancing with the Stars Season 23 finale performance of “Fresh Eyes”:

Dancing with the Stars performance of “Honey, I’m Good”:

You can see Andy Grammer LIVE at Spring Fest on Saturday, April 29th at 8:00pm in the Gordon Field House! Tickets are now available at the RIT Box Office or online at!

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